Mobility as a Service: Streamline Technology Purchasing and Budgeting

Take the complexity and upfront cost out of large, enterprise-wide technology rollouts. Our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) program enables organizations to conveniently purchase devices, software, and services through one comprehensive agreement at a predictable, monthly per-device fee. Easily outfit your workforce with the latest technology without worrying about large, upfront capital expenditures (CapEx). Our vendor-agnostic approach for hardware manufacturers and financing options ensures you access the broadest range of options at the best possible price.

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Mobility as a Service Companies: Streamline Through a Single Vendor

Realize the benefits of streamlining your fleet of mobile devices through a single Mobility as a Service company. Our mobility as a service program enables organizations to access the latest technology to avoid hardware obsolescence, and streamline technology rollouts and management through a single vendor. As a result, you can free up your internal IT team to focus on mission-critical projects by outsourcing cumbersome mobile device management.

Mobility as a Service: Cutting Edge Tech Without the CapEx

Transform how your organization purchases technology and achieve greater return on investment throughout the entire IT lifecycle. Discover how your organization can purchase the latest technology by migrating from a traditional CapEx to a progressive OpEx model.

Predictable Monthly Fee

Pay a monthly fee to access the latest mobility solutions, including all your hardware needs and support. No need to manage hardware purchases, services, and service contracts separately: we support our clients in all their mobility needs.

Scale As Your Business Grows

Your Mobility as a Service agreement can evolve as your business grows or your needs change without requiring you to source additional CapEx. Just increase this OpEx to get the tools your business needs, ensuring your technology infrastructure aligns seamlessly with your growth and requirements.

Reduce Technology Downtime

When comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO), consider the upfront and hidden costs associated with maintaining hardware. With Mobility as a Service, DecisionPoint provides up-to-date hardware and keeps devices in top working condition, thus reducing downtime and minimizing the internal resources necessary to support your IT teams.

Proactive Device Monitoring

VISION, our proprietary online portal, provides real-time access to monitor the progress of major roll-outs and manage your entire fleet of mobile devices through a single, easy-to-use interface. Through this single sign-on (SSO), you can submit or view open support tickets, view repair status, manage spare pools, and schedule on-site service requests.
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Mobility as a Service Partnership Benefits

Expert Support

With Tier 1 support, our Mobility Experts proactively monitors and maintains your IT hardware to maximize uptime, security, and reliability. Think of our Mobility as a Service offering as an “easy button” that you can rely on to keep your IT hardware operational.

Strategic Partnerships

At DecisionPoint, we create intentional relationships with top-tier hardware vendors to offer unparalleled enterprise mobility solutions. Our technical sales representatives collaborate closely with your teams to address your unique challenges with tailored solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our services mean that you always have a clear roadmap for hardware ROI. We offer comprehensive warranties, hot spares, provisioning, and mobile device management. Additionally, we have the supplies management and technology obsolescence protection you need to stay ahead of the competition.

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