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From procurement and device configuration to IT asset disposition, DecisionPoint provides all the IT lifecycle management services businesses need for smoother operations. This includes IT asset management, procurement and device configuration, deployment, project management, and hardware repair. When your IT devices are no longer in use, our asset disposition service ensures a secure, environmentally sound disposal. Whether your business has one location or many, we’ll cover your needs with our IT lifecycle management offerings.

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VISION portal

IT Asset Management (VISION)

Our team of experienced professionals provides complete IT asset management services, via our VISION portal. The portal supports tracking, proactive maintenance, device status monitoring, and reporting, with comprehensive visibility into your enterprise’s laptops, printers, point of sale (POS) terminals, and mobile devices.

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Procurement & Device Configuration

Deploying new devices doesn’t need to be a hassle for your staff. DecisionPoint’s zero-touch deployment limits downtime with a complete implementation process. We assemble the entire system, including device configuration and testing, security and updates. We then deliver work-ready products that integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.

IT Deployment Services

IT Deployment Services

As part of DecisionPoint’s IT lifecycle services, our expert team specializes in a wide range of IT installation projects that span across the country. We offer point of sale (POS) systems, RF site surveys, store decommissioning, and network infrastructure installations. With a dedicated project manager overseeing every detail, we collaborate closely with your team and vendors to promptly address any issues, effectively manage budgets, and ensure the timely completion of your installation project.

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IT Project Management

Our IT project management services provide tools, resources, and support for your project, end to end. We customize a plan for your business and assist with product selection and procurement. DecisionPoint’s support staff and project management professionals orchestrate every aspect of the project, operating as an extension of your IT team. This includes the option to have our staff physically onsite to assist during rollout and set up phases of the project. Additionally, we have the resources to support your devices and services in person after installation.

Mobile Device Repair

Mobile Device Repair Services

Our extensive expertise spans across over 50 hardware OEMs and major operating systems, in addition to mobility management platforms. This wealth of experience empowers us to swiftly and effectively resolve issues, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations. Our comprehensive support services include depot repair and on-site maintenance. Additionally, we provide spare pool management and flexible turnaround times tailored to meet your specific requirements.

IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

Our IT asset disposition services are a part of our comprehensive IT lifecycle management program, supporting your IT solutions from procurement to end-of-life. We offer a complete range of secure IT asset disposition services that eliminate security threats, including options for data destruction, recycling, and remarketing services.

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