Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM) For Mobile Workforces

From smartphones, tablets and laptops to ruggedized mobile computers, vehicle mount computers and wearables, enterprises are challenged to manage a variety of device form factors and configurations being utilized by their mobile workforce. Keeping up with operating system changes, application updates, and security patches can bog down your IT operations and without the right mobile device management solution, your devices are open to interoperability problems and security vulnerabilities.

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Enterprise Mobile Device Management

DecisionPoint’s enterprise mobile device management solutions (MDM) empower your organization to protect and secure devices, data and workers for any device, on any operating system. Our mobile device management services mitigate downtime due to technology failure, optimize the device enrollment and provisioning process, and eliminate security risks that can lead to lost or stolen data. Gain real-time visibility into the status and performance of your fleet of mobile devices.

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Selecting and Optimizing Your Mobile Device Management Software

Our mobility experts will help you select and administer the right mobile device management (MDM) software, including building and configuring the image, managing the fleet as a service, and providing security-enhancing monitoring and management services.

Platform Selection

Selecting the right platform to manage your valuable investment in mobility can be challenging. DecisionPoint has partnerships with technologies that are proven and compatible with your chosen OS platform to meet your organization's needs.

Expert Support

Managing a large fleet of devices can be a full-time job. DecisionPoint's MDM service members monitor and manage your fleet daily in real-time. Leverage our MDM services to monitor and manage your fleet of mobile devices in real-time. We make managing your investment easy, maximizing employee productivity.

Image Development

Navigating the multitude of choices for device appearance, behavior, and responsiveness can be challenging. It's easy for complexities to arise when determining which applications should be visible when configuring device and network settings and addressing security concerns. Our experienced engineers simplify this process, guiding you through each step.

Managed Lifecycle Services

VISION gives you complete visibility of your mobility fleet. This tool helps us manage the repair and replacement cycle, no matter how many locations you are managing. Spare pool, repairs, and device imaging are all part of a solution that makes managing your mobile fleet easy.
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Embark on Improving Your Operation's Mobility

Start boosting your enterprise mobility by downloading our suite of enterprise mobility services, hardware, and software solutions.

Enterprise Mobile Device Management Benefits

Seamless Remote Management

DecisionPoint expert technicians can remotely install software updates and proactively troubleshoot to resolve issues in minutes, not hours. As a result, companies spend less on shipping devices back for service, and reduced downtime keeps mobile workforces productive.

Robust Security and Compliance

DecisionPoint’s mobile device management solution enforces compliance-based security policies to protect enterprise data and personal data, including stolen or lost device lockdown or wiping, encryption key rotation, and role-based access rights management.

Industry Leading Training and Support

DecisionPoint works closely with customers to develop training tailored to your workforce to get the most out of your custom-tailored MDM mobile device management solution. In addition, we offer best-in-class technical help and guidance for you and your people, wherever and whenever you need us.

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