Advanced Mobile Group works with every client to thoroughly understand and assess your mobility needs. As we design solutions, we leverage our portfolio of mobile computing products and solutions, which includes:

TC8000a.jpgMobile Computing

Our mobile computing solutions will increase the accuracy and efficiency of your organization’s processes, establishing automation of time-consuming tasks to allow your skilled staff to use their time more efficiently. Our mobile computing products include handheld terminals, wearable terminals, vehicle-mount terminals, and rugged tablet computers.

wireless-infrastructureWireless Infrastructure Services

The wireless infrastructure and integration of your technology, software, devices and security is crucial to your distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, food services or field services business.

Zebra.ZT230.pngBarcode Printing

With our range of printers, including Desktop, Mobile, High Performance and RFID printers, Advanced Mobile Group delivers the right solution for your warehouse, distribution, or storage printing needs.

Complex-Order-Fulfillment-Simplified-with-Voice-Collection-1Voice Technology Solutions

Our Voice solutions are a growing innovation among workflow performance technologies designed for the warehousing, distribution, logistics and a growing list of other industries in unexpected areas like inspection and maintenance.

DS3600.jpgBarcode Scanning

Collect up-to-date, on-the-spot information with Advanced Mobile Group’s portable bar code scanners. Our quality products and services will improve your shipping, receiving and tracking management.

MC3330R.jpgRFID Hardware

Turn to Advanced Mobile Group for your RFID needs. We will take the time to understand your RFID requirements and then improve the efficiency of your inventory tracking and management.

newcastle-nb300.jpgMobile Workstations

Our mobile workstations are a convenient and efficient way to transport your order packing stations and shipping workstations to any location in the warehouse. We will work with you to implement a partial or complete mobile solution that fits the unique needs of your workflow and space.

Vizitrace-icon-small.pngViziTrace RFID Software

ViziTrace brings power and ease of use to RFID tracking solutions, offering easily customizable features while its modular structure lets you purchase only the components you need, when you need them. Whether your RFID implementation need is big or small, ViziTrace will remove unnecessary complexities and added expenses to get your company up-and-running in no time.

moderization-hand-scannerRefurbished Equipment

Advanced Mobile Group knows there are times you need to supplement or add equipment due to seasonal increased volumes, extend the life of your current infrastructure or just replace lost or broken hardware. That is why we offer genuine refurbished equipment, cleaned, tested and delivered to make sure it meets our customers’ expectations for working, quality products.