Mobile Data Collection Devices: Tablets, Mobile Computers & Vehicle Mount Computers

The on-demand economy is putting pressure on organizations to fill orders more quickly and accurately, which puts pressure on your front-line workers to do more, faster. Mobile data collection devices: tablets, mobile computers, and vehicle mount computers, can help organizations significantly improve efficiency to help meet customer expectations for speed and accuracy.

Our mobile data collection devices put the power of computing into the hands of your workforce, allowing them to interact with enterprise software and other workers without interrupting workflow. As a leading mobile systems integrator, we offer a full-line of mobile computing devices from industry leading manufacturers along with software and technical services so we can take your project from concept to implementation.

From product selection and procurement, to mobile device management, security, ongoing technical support and repair, our team of mobility experts can support your mobile workforce through the entire device lifecycle.

vPortrait of young man wearing safety jacket holding digital tablet standing in factory warehouse


Tablets give workers the ability to be productive and connected when working in harsh environments. But not every tablet has the flexibility to support your current processes. We offer tablet solutions from industry leading manufacturers that are available in a variety of display sizes, choice of operating system (Android, iOS), and offer advanced wireless connectivity including WiFi, cellular and bluetooth. Our ruggedized tablets can handle the harshest environments including being durable enough to withstand drops, dust, moisture, and extreme heat and cold. Stay connected and productive with tablets that are ergonomic, secure, configurable, easy to use and simple to deploy for mobile data collection and more.

Handheld Mobile Computers

Put the full power of modern computing into your employees’ hands and allow workers to quickly and easily access the information, applications, and people needed to increase productivity. We offer a variety of mobile computing devices in different form factors, display sizes, touchscreen capability and keyboard configurations to meet the unique needs of your application.

Vehicle Mount Computers

Handheld mobile computing devices have many limitations, especially for those operating forklifts, material handling equipment and other motorized vehicles. Designed to perform in industrial, cold chain, hospital and yard environments, our ultra-rugged vehicle-mount computers are built with ultra-rugged construction to withstand heat, cold, dust, and constant vibration, enabling forklift operators and warehouse workers to maximize productivity and deliver flawless fulfillment and mobile data collection in the most challenging environments.

Mobile Computer Workstations/WoWs

Your workforce can turn stationary devices — computers, printers, and other peripherals, such as barcode scanners — into mobile solutions with carts designed to enable workers to increase productivity. Mobile workstation carts enable employees to take their work directly to the point of task to accelerate workflow and efficiency. Our mobile computer workstations are utilized in warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals and can be customized to meet the ergonomics, functionality and needs of your environment and mobile workforce.

Mobile Printers

Mobile printers from DecisionPoint allow your workforce to print labels, receipts, tickets, and RFID tags on the spot, saving precious time and streamlining your mobile data collection process. Whether your workers are on foot, in a forklift, in a truck, or in a delivery vehicle, you can improve efficiency and streamline operations with mobile printing. We offer mobile printers at every price point for any industry, with ruggedized printers available for environments that demand them.

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