Our 4 Benefits of Implementing RFID Tracking Solutions for Your Reusable Assets

RTC-Tracking-with-ViziTraceDownload the guide to see RFID technology can bringing big "returns" on containers and other reusable assets.

RFID has become a go-to technology that can improve on the performance of traditional bar code systems when used in the right place and with an eye to taking a new look at real process improvement. 

As the cost of deploying RFID hardware has fallen dramatically over the past decade, managing the data generated by the tags and turning that data into usable business intelligence while integrating RFID with existing inventory, asset, and enterprise resource planning systems has become the latest frontier in the expanding portfolio of RFID applications.

Now, with Advanced Mobile Group's ViziTrace solution, facilities can enable this type of automation for containers, warehouse and distribution machinery, tools, files/documents and any other reusable asset to simplify your asset management process in addition to improving operational transparency.