What is "The Touchless Warehouse"?

The age of COVID has accelerated the adoption of some long-term trends (e-Commerce) and created entire industries we didn't have before.

Advanced Mobile Group's Touchless Warehouse Strategy keeps you ahead of the curve.

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The Touchless Warehouse has Six Elements - learn more about each of them and how they will help you below:

Element I - Mobile Device Management

The quickest and easiest way to immediately improve productivity and safety is with a MDM solution that eliminates travel for IT teams and measurably raises productivity.

Learn more about the benefits of Mobile Device Management with SOTI MobiControl:

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Element II - Voice Directed Work

Voice Technology has grown exponentially in recent years, and its ability to eliminate paperwork and drive "hands-free" process optimization makes it one of the ideal solutions for driving a safer workplace.

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Element III - RFID For Maximum Visibility and Accuracy

RFID's ability to scan items simultaneously, from longer distances and with higher accuracy than any other standard Auto-ID solution makes it an ideal technology for your Touchless Warehouse.

Advanced Mobile Group is an industry leader in RFID design and deployment. Combining in-house expertise and access to the best products in then industry, including proprietary software that plugs-in to your existing systems or works alone out of the box for any environment.

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Element IV - Personal Workstations For Safety & Productivity

Having a limited number of devices shared among many workers is no longer safe for them - or your business. Taking your team's stationary workstations and making them mobile, complete with their own scanner, laptop and printer (or other required devices)


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Element V - Personal Safety with Peripherals

There is now a bevy of peripheral and accessory devices and solutions that can contribute to the personal safety of everyone in your facility. We'll be reviewing a selection of these in our webinar on Sept 29th. Come back here later for registration details or look out for our email invitations going out after September 10th.

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Element VI - Expanding "Safety Management" Leadership

Coming soon:

While "Warehouse Safety" has always referred to reduction of physical injuries, the COVID pandemic has redefined safety to include new protocols on health and hygiene that impact behavior in the workplace and at home.

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We'll be introducing ways to provide a new level of safety leadership in our webinar on Sept 29th. Come back here later for registration details or look out for our email invitations going out after September 10th.

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