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Your Webinar Recording Is Here...

Whether you need to see it again or missed it the first time, here is the full recording of "Remote Device Management":

With thanks to our Guest, SOTI Account Manager Muhammad Fashi and SOTI Sales Engineer Luke Arora:

Play the Full Webinar HERE

Don't miss the rest of the series from the "Touchless Warehouse" (all dates are on a Tuesday, 2pm EST):

  • Part II:   Eliminate Touches with Voice Technology - June 30th  Registration is OPEN
  • Part III:  Gain Greater Visibility with RFID - July 14th 
  • Part IV:  The Personal Workstation - Keeping Distance and Productivity - July 28th
  • Part V:    Targeted RFID by Vertical - August 11th
  • Part VI:   Best Management Practices for a Touchless Warehouse - Aug 25th

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