Mobile Workforce Automation 

Organizations that are equipped with a mobile workforce, inevitably strive to achieve a common goal of relaying information effectively and efficiently from point-a, to point-b.

As a result of the delivery process, we recognize obstacles that arise, including:

  • Files and documents can get lost or damaged
  • On-the-go data entry can cause errors
  • Clients and customers may feel the effects of disjointed or delayed processes

Advanced Mobile Group’s mobile workforce and delivery software solutions provide process automation and full visibility into your operations – allowing you to track functions like route reconciliation, proof-of-delivery documentation, and driver productivity and performance.

Using our software improves the efficiency of your business, leading to lower costs, a reduction in lost or late shipments, and increased delivery accuracy. In the competitive delivery industry, an improvement of these factors means long-term success and stronger customer relationships.

Mobile Workforce Automation Clients

Advanced Mobile Group clients include:

  • East Penn Manufacturing
  • ADP
  • Bunzl Transportation

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