Food Distributors Ready to Optimize Their Business 

Today’s food services and cold storage companies face some pressing challenge, including the need to:

  • Maximize space utilization and decrease shelf life
  • Optimize efficiency
  • Ensure accuracy in shipping and inventory
  • Track lot expiration dates

Of course, for food services and cold storage companies, those challenges are compounded by unique environmental requirements. Mobile computing solutions for this sector must stand up to rigorous FDA and other industry standards. Thus, any mobile computing device must operate effectively despite moisture and extreme temperatures.

According to the Material Handling Institute’s 2015 annual industry report 2015 annual industry report, logistics companies are using RFID today to achieve near 100 percent accuracy in shipping, receiving, orders, and inventory accuracy, 30 percent faster order processing, and 30 percent reduction in labor costs.

Advanced Mobile Group has worked with numerous food services and cold storage companies. We understand your industry and we know the right questions to ask. This allows us to help you identify an optimal hardware platform and work with you to design and implement location and product I.D. requirements.

In addition, Advanced Mobile Group can help assess opportunities to incorporate RFID, voice recognition and other technologies into your mobile computing solution. Recognizing the importance of preserving and maximizing your current investments, we excel at integrating your new mobile computing solution with existing systems and software.

Why Advanced Mobile Group is the Perfect Partner for Food Distributors 

Advanced Mobile Group’s mobile food traceability and distribution software can eliminate errors and cut back on the time and money it takes to complete the complex task of inventory management.

Our reliable and user-friendly software tracks inventory dynamically, automating the inventory process and allowing for data-driven decisions in real-time. The software delivers superior product traceability, aiding in the prevention of and quick response to outbreaks of food pathogens.

Our food services software also provides for real-time tracking and management of the food distribution process, providing statistics such as product location, delivery status, and driver productivity.

In an industry where cost-effective and efficient processes are vital to success, Advanced Mobile Group’s software solutions can reduce costs, decrease the amount of lost and late deliveries, ensure product freshness, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Have a quick question? Drop us a line, and we will be happy to help. 

Food Distribution Clients

Advanced Mobile Group clients include:

  • US Cold Storage
  • Clemens Food Group
  • Procacci Brothers

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