Mobile Devices for Field Services & Sales

For organizations that manage field service and/or sales operations, mobile solutions can provide a powerful competitive advantage.

Designing, implementing and managing mobile computing solutions for field service and sales operations is no small task. Mobile devices must work seamlessly in wired, wireless and offline environments. Mobile solutions must also be designed to address the inherently distributed nature of such operations.

The benefits are:

  • Ability to effectively manage distributed resources
  • Better customer service through faster, more convenient access to information
  • Optimized sales and service routes by ensuring that the appropriate resources are deployed to the right areas in a cost-effective manner
  • More effective route sales through better information access and a wider variety of inventory tracking and payment options at the point of sale

Advanced Mobile Group has experience designing and deploying solutions for field service and sales teams. In addition to addressing technical requirements, we also provide the staging, kitting, configuration, and wireless activation services necessary for successful deployment. Working with us, you can get your new solution up and running more efficiently and painlessly.

Field Service & Sales Clients

Advanced Mobile Group clients include:

  • Hydrochem
  • Exelon Energy
  • General Trading Co.

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