ViziTrace is one of the most trusted RFID solution platforms in the industry, helping companies track their most valuable assets for more than 10 years. The power, capabilities and simplicity of ViziTrace helps accelerate deployment timelines and your ROI. With hundreds of successful implementations in its portfolio, ViziTrace is a proven RFID visibility platform that improves process efficiency and accuracy across your entire organization.



SOTI Inc. develops industry-leading technology that solves the unique challenges involved in managing, securing, supporting and tracking remote mobile and desktop computing devices. Today, over 80,000 customers around the world in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, logistics and other industries rely on SOTI products to reduce costs by enabling the central management, security and support of remote mobile field-forces.



For over 20 years StayLinked has been delivering world-class solutions for mission-critical, host-based systems in the warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries. With StayLinked SmartTE you get the best of both worlds with No-Risk Application Modernization. You continue to realize the speed, reliability, and security of StayLinked TE while increasing productivity and usability with the addition of an intuitive, modern user experience.

Ivanti logoIvanti

Ivanti is the leading provider of multi-vendor mobile device management, wireless infrastructure management, terminal emulation, voice enabling, and mobile application development software. Ivanti technology solves the unique challenges involved in deploying, managing and controlling today’s enterprise mobility systems. More than 15,000 companies in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, public safety and logistics industries rely on Ivanti to accelerate application delivery, reduce device management and support costs, and tighten network security.


BarTender® software by Seagull Scientific enables organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more. Hundreds of thousands of companies in manufacturing, chemicals, healthcare, food and beverage, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, supply chain/logistics and other industries trust BarTender with the labeling and marking processes that keep their businesses running.



topVOX is a leading manufacturer of voice directed solutions for efficient and ergonomic work processes in the supply chain – pick by voice, check by voice, replenishment, cycle counting, etc. topVOX’s software and hardware suite, Lydia® and Voxter®, is the choice for voice in production, mobile maintenance and mobile data capture for warehouse associates.  The benefits of a hands-free/eyes-free logistics environment guarantee a leaner and smarter workflow in distribution centers worldwide.

ctg talk


CTGTALK™ Voice Productivity Solutions, for mobile voice picking, delivers multi-modal functionality across a variety of peripherals including bar code scanners, handheld computers, and radio frequency identification (RFID) devices within a single interface. Voice guided warehousing and voice picking enable users to listen to voice prompted work instructions, allowing workers to focus on work and keeping hands free for moving inventory.



Since its genesis in 1985, Foxfire has expanded to become a leading supplier of manufacturing, warehousing software, and supply chain execution systems. Foxfire’s customer base reaches across the United States, Canada, and Latin America, and we are currently expanding into other world markets rapidly through a network of distribution partners.

bellhawk systems

BellHawk Systems

BellHawk Systems is an integrated software and services company that specializes in assisting manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, biotechnology laboratories, defense contractors and other industrial organizations to implement real-time work-in-process and inventory tracking solutions that are tailored to their specific business needs.



Since 1987 BearWare has focused exclusively on customer-driven logistics solutions to meet our retail clients’ supply chain needs. BearWare is the only company in our industry with the combination of real life experience, cost-effective technology, and a development and customer service staff that understands the needs of its non-technical end-users.