On-site and Remote Repair, Maintenance, and Managed Services

We provide on-site and remote repair, maintenance, and managed services support to our clients, in both ongoing agreements and emergency situations.

Advanced Mobile Group provides equipment repair and maintenance and managed services to follow the complete life-cycle of your mobile computing solution.

From ongoing services to emergency issues, we offer the service and support your business needs, including:

  • Repair and maintenance. We offer a variety of maintenance plans, including fast and reliable emergency equipment repair, to fit your company’s needs and protect your hardware, software, and network investment.

  • Managed services. Once installation is complete, we provide ongoing, cost-effective managed services to our clients so that they may focus on their business efforts. We assist our clients every step of the way from end user enrollment, device security, and over the air software programming to system reporting, troubleshooting and software maintenance. Advanced Mobile Group’s Managed Services are designed to complement your organization and keep your wireless network running smoothly, resulting in more efficient management, higher productivity, and cost savings.

    • Managed network solutions. We continually monitor, manage and update your mobile network to ensure its continued success. With Advanced Mobile Group taking on the day-to-day operation of your wireless network, you can spend more time focusing on your business and have the peace of mind that your network is being managed by seasoned professionals.

    • On-site support. Our experienced and certified technicians provide on-site support that can be integrated with your existing help desk offerings to resolve your network issues quickly.

      • Same day response services. One of our service technicians will be on-site to provide maintenance within a few hours of any service request. In the instance of equipment failure, our goal is to resolve any and all issues in a timely fashion so that you may complete the job without losing money or critical service hours.

      • Next day service. If a service request comes in later in the day, we also offer next day service so that a technician can come out at the start of the next business day to provide maintenance solutions.

      • Tools and resources. Through our on-site and remote support services, Advanced Mobile Group has the tools, resources, and knowledge to resolve issues in an efficient and thorough manner – bringing your company back to full functionality faster. Additionally, our logistics team ensures that we are stocked with the supplies for the products we support.

      • Flexibility. We understand that time is money. If equipment stops working or is not working properly, your business suffers. Our contracts can be tailored to your budget and business needs and once implemented, offer unlimited repairs all the while controlling your repair costs.

      • Standards of excellence. Our goal is to not only provide quality service, with quick turnaround times, but to raise the bar and exceed your expectations. Our certified technicians have quality assurance processes in place to make sure your systems uphold the reliability you expect and require.

      • Automated dispatch systems. All of your service requests are able to be monitored online so that you may see where we are in the process of solving your technical issues. In addition to seeing your service process in real time, we keep your service history available to track and report.

  • Help desk. AMG provides support and troubleshooting for all of the solutions we offer. The Help Desk team will assess your issue immediately and ensure the proper support is dispatched to solve your problem quickly and efficiently. We will provide support via phone or on-site, as required.

  • Asset Disposal. A commonly overlooked service included in life-cycle management, is cleansing devices of data as well as transferring ownership and liability devices to another entity. This task is critical to not only preserving the environment, but to upholding a social responsibility of proper asset disposal.

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