Specialized RFID Services

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a powerful and advanced technology used for automated data collection, processing and tracking, in a wide range of industries. State-of-the-art RFID applications allow companies to improve, streamline and maximize their competitive advantages, including supply chain automation.

Whether your company is just exploring RFID options or has already done its research, the industry-certified RFID engineers at Advanced Mobile Group will be there each step of the way, to ensure your company implements the best solution to maximize your unique needs.

Our start-to-finish RFID services include:

  1. Implementation Planning

  • Project, Quality and Communications Management
Our certified experts will manage the project using the PMI (PMBOK) approach, ensuring that the project resources, tasks, and their durations support the expected solution scope (SOW) and delivery date.

Project team members are involved in weekly meetings to review previous week’s outcomes and upcoming week’s tasks.

Project Plan updates and status notes are communicated to team members and stakeholders.

  • Customer Site Review, Analysis, and Recommendations

It is important to conduct an onsite review to understand the tracking application, primary use cases, involved people, existing tools, systems, and processes, along with direct observation of the physical environment in order to complete a final RFID solution design. An updated proposal and SOW may be created based upon the onsite review.

  • Tag Testing, Analysis, and Recommendations

Onsite tag testing is necessary to determine how well various tags will perform according to the proposed application and use case requirements such as Material, Size, Read Range, Environment, Placement, Orientation, Adherence, Labeling, Encoding, Quantity, and Cost. Follow-up analysis of the compiled results are completed and recommendations are provided and incorporated into the overall final solution design. 

  • Client Environment and Infrastructure Preparation

AMG will work with your IT Technical Services to specify the equipment, configuration, and setup necessary to support the solution. This includes server specifications, power, and network connectivity, along with processes for administration and maintenance.

  1. Implementation Execution

AMG will deliver, setup, install, and configure all hardware components including readers, antennas, enclosures, mounts, cabling, etc. AMG will also unit test to ensure all hardware components are working properly.

AMG will deliver, setup, install, and configure all software components necessary for the solution’s applications and use cases.

  • Solution Testing

AMG will perform unit testing and system testing in accordance with the solution requirements, applications and their use cases. Testing results and analysis are completed and reviewed to ensure pictures match.

  1. Implementation Support

  • Custom Training and Documentation

AMG offers customized, on-site training programs, including end-user, system administrator, and maintenance training to support your unique solutions. Training documentation will also be provided.

  • Ongoing Software and Hardware Support

AMG will provide ongoing service, support, and new releases as they are available.

The Advanced Mobile Group Difference

Advanced Mobile Group is uniquely qualified to implement specialized RFID solutions. From top Fortune 100 companies to smaller boutique businesses Advanced Mobile Group is able to understand which solution is optimal for your business.

We work with you and your team throughout the entire implementation process, but unlike some consultants we don't stop there, Advanced Mobile Group is unique in our customer service and we remain open to your questions for as long as you need us. 

We look forward to working with your business and helping you achieve the efficiency and quality that you want for your company. 

Contact us to learn more about our RFID solutions.

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