The wireless infrastructure and integration of your technology, software, devices and security is crucial to your distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, food services or field services business.

A disconnect in your technology means data will be innacurate and systems will stop, leading to low productivity, delayed shipments, and inadequate service. 

Advanced Mobile Group delivers and manages your wireless infrastructure so you won’t have to worry about situations like this and can focus on managing your business and making deliveries.

Wireless infrastructure services:

  • An RF site survey and wireless security audit
  • Complete cable installation
  • Set-up of access points, switch architecture, and wireless bridges
  • Managing configuration and installation of your wireless infrastructure
  • Monitoring of your wireless network with notifications to your IT staff of early-stage problems or potential issues

We know the importance of having a reliable, responsive, and secure wireless network, which is why we only work with trusted brands in wireless infrastructure, such as:


Extreme Networks



By overseeing your wireless network, Advanced Mobile Group can help you meet the needs of your staff and demands of your customers, while reserving your IT personnel for revenue-producing projects.

Contact us to learn more about our wireless infrastructure solutions.

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