Eliminate Operational Downtime With PointCare’s Premier Spare Pool Management Services

Optimize your mobility investment with our Rapid Exchange and Device Repair services designed to minimize employee downtime. With our PointCare Rapid Exchange (REx) Service, you can quickly exchange broken devices—including mobile computers, servers, POS components, scanners, printers, and more—with a fully functioning unit, keep tabs on repair status, and fully understand why the unit failed. Our VISION Portal provides streamlined reporting, visibility, and management for enterprise devices throughout the device lifecycle.

To eliminate downtime when devices break, enter a service ticket and we’ll handle the rest! As soon as the ticket is received, we pull a device from the spare pool, then test, configure, and ship the unit the same day (tickets must be entered before 3PM PT). With facilities on both the East and West Coasts, you’ll get your new device by the next day. We’ll even provide a return label in the box to get the broken device back to us.

We further streamline the process by immediately getting your broken device back to 100%, even if it requires sending it to the manufacturer for more extensive repairs—all with no additional action required from you. Once repaired, it’s tested and placed back into your dedicated spare pool and all the details related to the incident are logged into the VISION portal for customer access.

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Learn why leading enterprises entrust PointCare to provide managed IT lifecycle services for all their mobility and IT infrastructure needs.

Our Rapid Exchange (REx) Process

With our exclusive Rapid Exchange (REx) services, we handle every detail of your device repair and spare pool management. Enter a service ticket, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Managed Mobility Services - Rapid Exchange (REx) Process

Enterprise Depot Services to Keep Your Business Moving

Our comprehensive managed services eliminate operational downtime and streamline operational workflows.

Device Tracking

Manage every device from VISION, our enterprise portal for DecisionPoint’s managed mobility services. VISION tracks all devices and accessories for consistent operations and a streamlined experience.

Device Repair and Testing

We perform a full triage of non-working devices and determine the best repair course of action. For more extensive repairs, we work with manufacturers to get your devices 100% up and running.

Rapid Exchange (REx)

Our Rapid Exchange (REx) spare pool management service quickly gets you a replacement device configured to your specs and ready to go. Simply enter a ticket and we’ll pull and stage devices for same-day shipment / next-day delivery.

Traceability Reporting

The VISION platform provides complete visibility into the exchange process. We proactively monitor and report on your customer owned asset inventory, and we send automated reports when the ticket is closed.

Simplify Device Repair and Streamline IT Workflows

Keep your organization moving with PointCare Services’ Rapid Exchange and spare pool management.

Simplified Mobility

Simplified Mobility

We can use our VISION platform to proactively monitor the operational health of your devices. When something breaks, we’ll take care of the repairs and warranty coverage from start to finish.

Eliminate Downtime

Keep your enterprise running smoothly with our rapid exchange service. We configure your new device and ship on the same day to ensure you are back up and running as soon as possible.

Peace of Mind

Optimize your initial technology investment with proactive monitoring and repair to extend the life of your devices. We’ll help you through your device repair needs and keep operations running smoothly.

Simplified Network and Mobility Management

Take unnecessary burden off your IT staff and streamline network and mobility management with us!