mobile power technology

Mobile Power Raises the Bar on Mobility

reduce overtime 75% Reduction in Overtime reduce labor $7,500+ Reduction in Labor Costs per Operator

increase receiving volume
63% Increase in Receiving Volume increase picking rates 30% Increase in Picking Rates

reduce label errors
90% Reduction in Labeling Errors fast ROI ROI in 4-6 Months

Improve Any Process By Reducing Footsteps & Fatigue

Newcastle's Mobile Powered Workstations are a favorite in over 30% of America's Top 100 Retailers and 3PLs where mobile workstations significantly improve a large variety of processes:

  • Receiving - eliminate the walking for labels.
  • Quality Control - provide dimensional scanners and scales where needed
  • Inventory - speed inventory with mobile RFID antenna
  • Manufacturing - line maintenance and product testing
  • Picking - on-demand labels, monitors with picking routes
  • Packing - temporary packing stations, packing for irregular items

decrease waste improve process

ROI in Six Months?

Time spent walking back and forth to printers, computers and other equipment in most facilities is badly underestimated. During the course of a day, week or year, the 20 seconds here, 10 seconds there, repeated hundreds of times by a single worker becomes a very costly labor practice.

By eliminating only 8 minutes of non-value added walking per hour for each of your workers, thousands of dollars can be saved annually:

Typical ROI Calculation

  1 User 50 Users
$$ Saved per year $5,269 $263,467
Hours Saved per year 277 13,867
Days to positive ROI 197
Based on $19 hourly labor rate (including benefits), 40 hours per week

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