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See how mobile powered carts from Newcastle Systems can transform your facility overnight

Newcastle Systems is a Boston-based manufacturer that has built a reputation for providing one of the most effective means for improving productivity in a specific process overnight - with unmatched quality and little or major changes to software or other systems.

The Concept: It's a simple idea - put your workstation on wheels and not only cut the cable, reduce the footsteps that burn up significant man-hours walking back and forth to stationary printers. Or scales. Or scanners. 

Newcastle Systems' carts come in dozens of configurations, but the key that makes all of them so effective is the PowerSwap NucleusTM a proprietary rechargeable and hot-swappable battery system that can power your workstation for an entire day. Unlike standard Lithium-Ion batteries, the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) chemistry in the Nucleus means your batteries last for up to 3,000 cycles. Paired with a durable cart, the mobile workstation provides an unmatched cost of ownership.

See one of Advanced Mobile Group's original configurations below:


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EC-Polar Series

The EC-Polar Series industrial powered cart is designed to provide true mobility for cold chain applications. This compact unit is ideal for powering a rugged computer, barcode printer, and scanner for 8 - 16+ hours in temps down to -4 degrees F.

Outstanding Price to Performance Ratio:
  • Reduce labor by as much as 2 hours per worker (per day).
  • Reduce labeling errors by 90+%
  • See your ROI in about 6 months

entry level mobile power cart

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Entry-Level EcoCart Series

The EcoCart mobile powered workstation is our entry-level option for basic tasks and smaller equipment profiles. Lightweight and compact, this unit is ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer and scanner for 8+ hours at time. At the end of each use, simply plug your cart into a standard wall outlet to recharge.

Outstanding Price to Performance Ratio:
  • Reduce labor by as much as $10K per station annually
  • Reduce labeling errors by 90+%
  • See your ROI in < 3 month


 mid-range mobile power cart

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Mid-Range NB Series

The NB Series carts are the workhorse carts of our product line-up. Available in two widths (24" and 18"), they combine the rugged design that keeps our carts operating on the floor for years with the mobility and flexible configurations that let you transform any legacy process and create measurable efficiencies.  With the largest range of accessories, the NB Series can accommodate almost any profile of workstation including those with scales, testing equipment, large monitors, printers and more. 


ergonomic mobile power cartSee Datasheet

Apex Series Ergonomic

The new Apex Series Mobile Powered Workstations with our new height-adjustable ergonomic mast raises the bar for workplace mobility and safety.  This flexible station serves a vast range of industries on the production floor and anywhere that worker comfort matters as much as improved efficiency.

The Apex Series Cart raises productivity by providing mobile power to your devices including laptops, tablets, 1-2 LCDs or touchscreens, barcode printers, scanners and more for 8+ hours at a time.

mobile dimensioning station

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Atlas Series Mobile Dimensioning Stations TM

Volume, not weight, has always been the limiting resource in storage and distribution, but – because scales are inexpensive and fast – weight has been used as an inexact stand-in. Now that dimensioning equipment is reaching new levels of efficiency, volume can be managed directly and accurately, bringing savings to warehouses, DCs, and logistics operators.

The Atlas Series Mobile Dimensioning Stations™ were designed to enable quick and accurate dimensioning directly at your product location. The rugged Atlas Series consists of 30” and 48” long workstations that hold and power the QubeVu DimStation and other hardware including scales, laptops/thin clients, and printers up to 12+ hours at a time or 24/7 operation.

heavy duty mobile power carts

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Heavy Duty PC Series

The PC Series cart is a mobile platform that not only provides the same flexible mobility as our lighter carts, but allows for expanded possibilities with room for a laser printer, supplies, inventory and more. With a 30" or 48" tabletop, it can actually serve as a mobile workspace that has room for your laptop and your paperwork too.

Unique Features Include:
  • Rugged construction provides a capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Specialized casters allow for precise and easy movements with minimal force required, even at maximum capacity
  • With an additional folding shelf accessory, the table top can be expanded to a generous 66" x 24" (a total of 11sf!)
  • Available with lightweight Lithium or SLA battery options

QC mobile power cart

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QC Series Mobile Quality Testing Stations

The new QC Series Mobile Powered Workstations were designed for mobile quality testing, measurement & inspection as well as other processes requiring vast storage capabilities. 

Just like every Newcastle Workstation Series, the new QC Series significantly improves productivity by providing seamless AC mobile power to your devices including laptops, tablets, 1-2 LCDs or touchscreens, barcode printers, scanners, testing/inspection devices and more for 8+ hours at a time.

lithium battery power system

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PowerSwap Nucleus® Lithium Power System

A nucleus is, by definition, the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth. This small, swappable, durable, portable battery pack is central to a mobile workstation system, providing the power for productivity

The PowerSwap Nucleus® enables productivity to happen by providing power to devices such as a laptop, tablet, barcode or inkjet printer, scanner and more for 8+ hours at a time.

The typical PowerSwap Nucleus®  Lithium Power System consists of the following individual components:

  • 1 to 4 Swappable Batteries 
  • PowerDock Station
  • PowerCharge Station