zebra trade-in program

GO Zebra Trade-In Program

Invest More in the New by Trading in the Old...

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As a Zebra Premier Business Partner, Advanced Mobile Group can help you deploy the next generation of business tools AND offer you a better way to invest by providing trade-in value for your current equipment. With the GO Zebra Trade-in Program, upgrades are more affordable and eco-friendly.

Contact Us today to ask about getting your upgrades done by our experts so you can ensure a seamless transition in your facility. 

Or, download the full catalog and find your current equipment to see what its trade-in value is. 

The best part? WE DO ALL THE PAPERWORK. No 90 days wait, nor any forms to fill out! You are credited up front and we handle the paperwork aspect with Zebra. 


Sample Trade-In Values From the Catalog:


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See our  full list of products covered in the Zebra Trade-In Program here:

Download The Go Zebra Brochure Here

The Fine Print - How Your Trade-In Gets Done (and why we do them for you!)*

  1. After purchasing qualifying products, register for your rebate by completing a trade-in application at www.zebra.com/gozebra. You must submit with your claim a copy of the invoices from the Zebra® PartnerConnect Reseller  (that's us!) to you for qualifying products. The invoice must be dated between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 and show the name of the PartnerConnect reseller, customer name, purchase date, invoice number, printer serial numbers and total claimed purchase quantity of qualifying products.
  2. After the claim and corresponding invoices are submitted and approved, you will receive a Trade-In Merchandise Authorization (“TMA”) via e-mail. This TMA will contain a unique number (the “TMA Number”), which may be used to obtain rebate status. If Zebra has questions related to your claim, you may be contacted by the Zebra Trade-In
    Program administrator.
  3. Upon receipt of the TMA, you must ship the qualifying trade-in products to the address provided on the TMA (return shipping paid by Zebra). You MUST register for the rebate and receive the TMA in advance of shipping any qualifying trade-in products for rebate. Qualifying products must be appropriately packaged for shipment.
  4. Qualifying Trade-In Printers must be received by Zebra within 90 days of Invoice Date.

    * See the last page of the catalog for full terms and conditions.