Cleaning and Disinfecting Mobile Devices: Myth and Reality

How Your Mobile Devices Affect The Health of Your Facility

2020 Thumbnail for Device Cleaning OfferThe current healthcare crisis has led to a lot of questions about keeping staff safe and healthy by implementing improved cleaning and sanitizing protocols. This guide by Darrel Hicks, a nationally recognized expert in infection control, addresses the basics required in a myth vs. reality format.

Learn the answers to the following questions:

  • How often should we be cleaning our devices?
  • Should we include the devices of visitors and employees in our protocols?
  • What is the difference between "cleaning" and "disinfecting" a device?
  • Are mobile devices at risk for the spread of infections?

Like hospitals do, following standardized, evidence-based infection control practices in the warehouse and elsewhere in the supply chain can significantly reduce the incidence of infections. Among best practices are the cleaning and disinfection of mobile equipment that comes into frequent contact with staff or customers, which can compound the risk of the spread of pathogens from individuals to the equipment, and vice versa.

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