Case Study:  How Tyndale USA Improved Inventory Control, Efficiency and Accuracy

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Nov 7, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Tyndale USA Is a uniform company located in Pipersville, Pennsylvania. Their facility houses inventory for flame resistant work wear to multiple industries such as gas and electric, among others.

Over 30,000 orders are processed through Tyndale every month, and their success comes down to accurate order pulling. One particular challenge Tyndale had experienced frequently came from pulling orders with legacy devices. This technology was outdated and inefficient, which led to countless hours wasted over the course of a work week. 


“Our existing warehouse management system and our whole IT systems were set up on Windows based mobile devices and going to a new android device would’ve been a very difficult challenge for us to integrate on a quick term.”  - Gary Miller, Director of Distribution at Tyndale USA

Advanced Mobile Group was brought in to find a full solution to speed up picking activities, fine tune inventory tracking, and ensure that Tyndale would be able to scale as needed.


The TC8000 mobile computer from a Zebra Technologies was the hardware of choice since it’s been proven to boost employee productivity by at least 14%.

With next generation features like a front facing touchscreen and an innovative ergonomic grip and the best battery life in the industry Zebra’s TC8000 is a fantastic upgrade from aging legacy devices.


It’s 33% lighter than similar models on the market and requires 15% less muscle effort.

Tyndale was also impressed with the digital touch screen that does not require a glove friendly environment, with customizable keyboards for the task at hand speeding up data entry by up to 60%.

One of the biggest advantages of the Zebra TC8000 was the terminal emulation, which transforms green screen legacy interfaces to touch interfaces, without modifying the back end.

“So, the way the TC8000 device is set up… its easy scanning. What I mean by that is the operator doesn’t have to put the device down to look down at the device. They can simply scan straight - and look straight to the device. So really, that’s one less movement. Any less movements in warehouse picking makes it very efficient.“ - Daniel Porter, Warehouse Manager of Tyndale USA 


Additionally, Advanced Mobile Group recommended the TC8000 because if it’s fast implementation, short learning curve, and the ability to expand when necessary.

Additionally, Advanced Mobile Group recommended the TC8000 because if it’s fast implementation, short learning curve, and the ability to expand when necessary.

Advanced Mobile Group has also offered continuous helpdesk and system support for Tyndale, along with the application development to create a true full-scale solution.

Advanced Mobile Group and Zebra were the perfect solution for Tyndale, thanks to the quality, precision and effectiveness of the upgrades. 

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