Why So Many Businesses Are Switching to Android O/S

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For almost two decades, the Operating System (O/S) of choice for enterprise mobile computers was Microsoft's embedded CE and Windows Mobile. As Microsoft continued to support these systems year after year migrating to a different O/S was not even a topic for discussion. 

On, July 14, 2015 Microsoft announced the end of service for these operating systems in 2020. This means business will need to migrate their systems within the next five years. For the first time in history, many businesses are now able to make a choice for their enterprise mobile computers and a large percentage are choosing to transition to Android, and here's why:

  • Android can reduce enterprise OS fragmentation 
  • Android has demonstrated a history of incremental security enhancements; NSA “Security Enhanced” (SE Linux) features, per user VPNs, Address Space Layout Randomization  (ASLR), etc. Android is the OS meeting regulatory security certifications in multiple verticals Retail - PCI-DSS, Healthcare – HIPAA, Gov’t - FIPS 140-2
  • Developers do not need to learn a whole new language in order to create compelling business apps that run on an Android platform
  • Tools like TE and PB have a rich user experience on Android, with minimal changes needed to migrate existing business processes to new device platforms
  • Many consider Android to be a more modern user experience

Android has already been growing with developers over the years, now with 74% of developers choosing to target Android over Windows as their preferred mobile platform. 76% of devices used by industry and financial analysts run Android, and Android adoption momentum should increase 3x-4x year over year growth across all industries according to Zebra projections. 

Contact us and learn if Android would be a better fit for your business. 

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