Why RFID is Crucial for Omnichannel Retailing

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If you’re running an Omnichannel retail operation, RFID technology is crucial to your success. In this article, we’ll talk about how RFID can help create a seamless, standardized customer experience. We’ll discuss how your inventory management benefits from RFID tech. We will also tell you how having this technology as part of your workflow will help you respond to customer needs better and faster.

What is omnichannel? (also referred to as omni-channel)

Omnichannel is defined as a multi-channel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated customer experience. The customer can be shopping online on a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a brick-and-mortar store and the experience would be seamless.


Continuity in Consumer Experience

Your RFID tags include valuable data about your consumers and their interactions with your product. Whether they choose to buy from you online or in person, you want to provide the same positive customer experience. No matter the medium, it is the same brand.

Regardless of your how your customer becomes aware of your - through a paper advertisement, a web advertisement, or an in-store visit - you want them to have the ability to transition from one channel to another easily. While this might sound complex at first, it becomes easier to follow when you observe how your customers purchase products.

More channels offer more ways to fill your customers’ needs. Consider the omnichannel approach to customer support. Customers want to have an option to text customer service, not just pick up a phone and call. They also want to log on to your website and chat with support.

Real-Time Inventory Status

When you sell a product and scan the RFID tag, you instantly send that information across all connected platforms. This scan doesn’t just represent a purchase. It represents one less product in your inventory and a need for your supply chain to fill.

An RFID system can take a sales transaction and ping the related data throughout your company. Product buyers can instantly know what materials need replenishing. Marketing receives notifications about what is selling (and what isn’t). Production knows what inventory is available for future orders and what new goods they need to produce.

Customers Get The Most Current Product Information

Real-time inventory data not only keeps your fulfillment center up to date, but it also lets your customer know what products are currently available for purchase.

Maybe your customer is ready to make an online purchase but decides instead to travel to a brick-and-mortar location. If they have the option to log-on to your store’s website and see the item they want is in stock and available for purchase, they will take that trip to the store with confidence.

RFID technology is a reliable and thorough way to track your inventory as it moves through the supply chain until purchased by the end user. RFID bar scanning helps you to keep your inventory current and relevant to both online and in-store customers.

Respond to Customer Needs Faster Than Your Competitors

If you’re using RFID technologies to track your retail operation, you are probably moving faster than your competitors. According to a survey by Forrester, over 80% of businesses surveyed have not yet adapted their company to deliver an Omnichannel experience.

If your sales associates already know an item is out of stock, they can be ready to offer a substitute product to an interested customer. When using RFID scanners, an associate will precisely know what products are in stock and their location in the store.

Make your customers’ lives easier by letting them return products they bought online at an in-store location. When using an RFID system, a quick scan lets your online fulfillment center know the product was returned. As a result, refunds and replacements can be issued more quickly. Any issues with the stock inventory can be addressed immediately and vs. waiting for a product’s return to the original point of purchase.

Create Consistent Quality Across All Platforms

If you have multiple locations, your RFID system can help you create a consistent benchmark of quality across all locations and platforms. If all of your employees are required to comply with the same system, you can create a uniform process providing a conformed workflow, saving time and money.

Equip your employees with the right RFID compliance tools. Use handheld RFID scanning devices for day to day operations, like locating items, fulfilling orders, processing returns, or cycling product. While these actions are local to the store, the data and results can be distributed throughout the company.


An Omnichannel retail operation needs RFID technology to be fully connected. RFID lets you know what products sold the minute you sell them. It can inform everyone in your company the moment the transaction takes place. Customer satisfaction can improve because you can anticipate and respond to the needs of the customer more quickly. Employees complying with the same RFID system across all platforms helps to create a more efficient and smoother retail experience.

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