Why Replacing Your Printer With The New ZT600 Will Feel Like a Genius Move

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When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that you can manage your operations down to the smallest detail. Anything that could interrupt your workflow can severely impact your bottom line, which is why it’s so crucial that you have equipment that is up to whatever challenges you face. In this case, we’re talking about printing. Whether it’s creating labels for products or packing requirements, having the right printer can make a world of difference.

Zebra Brand Printers

For the last thirty years, this company has been at the forefront of creating reliable and adaptable printing machines for every kind of industry. From printing labels for food packages to creating RFID tags for manufacturers, each printer is designed to work with your current system and provide exceptional results every time, even if you have to print thousands of pieces per day.

ZT600 Line

Innovation and quality have always been critical to Zebra’s success, and this next generation of printers is here to deliver those promises without delay. No matter what kind of industry you’re in, you can benefit from having the ZT600. Here are a few reasons to upgrade to the new system. 

Better Construction

While most printers are great at doing their job, they have a hard time working well under certain conditions. Warehouses, farms, and other field applications don’t usually cooperate with such delicate instruments, which means that the devices are prone to break down if handled aggressively. 

The ZT600, however, is made with high-quality steel parts and components so that you can use it wherever you need it and it won’t break or stop working on you. Overall, these models are engineered to withstand temperature variations, dust, debris, and all kinds of other issues that happen out in the field. You’ll experience far fewer delays with this state-of-the-art equipment.


In some cases, you have to make labels that are practically microscopic. With other printers, this is usually a hassle because you have to print on a larger label and then cut it down to size. Not only that, but they usually can’t print with such clarity when you get to a certain point, which renders the whole process moot.

ZT600 printers, on the other hand, are built to print out labels as small three millimeters with crystal clarity (600 dpi). This makes them perfect for industries where smaller is better, such as medicine, jewelry, and cosmetics. Best of all, you can scale up or down, making each label as small or as large as you need.


With most printers, it feels like you need a degree in mechanical engineering just to maintain the thing. Replacing ribbons, fixing problems, and other routine operations can seem insurmountable if you don’t have the proper training. Fortunately, ZT600 printers don’t have that problem.

First of all, they don’t break down easily, so you won’t have to worry about fixing anything anytime soon. Secondly, they come with intuitive and easy-to-follow menus that practically anyone can understand, even if English is their second language. Finally, each component is easy to access and replace, so that routine procedures such as changing paper and ribbon are as simple as possible. Overall, this ensures shorter downtime and keeps your operation running much more smoothly. 

Here are some other highlights of the new system. 

  • Color coded menus
  • Illuminated interior for easier line of sight
  • QR codes for targeted troubleshooting
  • Guided media path with green/red light indicator lights on each step
  • Quick change components that don’t need wires or tools to replace


Link-Enabled Monitoring

One thing that is missing from most printer setups is the ability to check up on it remotely. If something goes wrong, you physically have to be at the station to troubleshoot and figure out how to fix it. With the ZT600, though, you can monitor the system from practically anywhere, and it even comes with a mobile device app for Android. This will ensure that you can stay on top of any problems that arise and manage them in real time. If something happens with your printer, you’ll know about it immediately, rather than having to wait until you start printing.

Energy Efficient

It’s always best to save as much money as possible on utilities, especially with devices that are running almost non-stop. The ZT600 is Energy Star certified so that you never have to worry about generating a massive electric bill. Also, with the added printing features and cutting capabilities, you will eliminate a lot of physical waste as well. Overall, this is a printer that is designed to save you money.

Why You Should Upgrade Today

Whether you are currently satisfied with your printer setup or not, it’s easy to see why installing the new ZT600 will be a smart move. It can accommodate practically any need, and it’s built to be easier than ever to manage and maintain. Overall, if you want to stay on top of your operations and keep things in check in real time, this is the printer system for you. It doesn’t get any better than this.


This post features equipment from Zebra Technologies. For a more detailed look at the featured equipment or other Zebra products, contact Advanced Mobile Group, an elite Zebra partner.

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