When Does Voice Technology Make Sense?

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You may be aware of voice technology (often referred to as voice-directed warehousing) in the warehouse but it can be a little daunting to talk about implementing it for your business.  It’s also not a fit for all situations, so we thought we would share with you our guidelines for when and where voice would be an ideal solution:

1.       Eyes Busy / Hands Busy Work
  • If the user has their eyes scanning and needs the use of their hands, then voice is a great solution

2.       Flow Racks and Pick Lines

  • If the warehouse staff is picking from flow racks into cases and passing the case down a conveyor line, then this situation is an excellent candidate for voice
  • Scanning is great here, but voice is better with typically a 10-15% increase in efficiency and productivity 

3.       Pick and Pack

  • If your business has high pick and pack needs. Pick and pack to case operations can potentially be a VERY labor intensive operation
  • Voice leverages technology to streamline the process to reduce the labor component which equals a fast ROI

Voice techonology has been used in warehouses since the 1990's, and its adoption is expected to grow over the next 5 years due to techonological advances and decreases in cost. In a voice directed warehouse workers are able to increase efficiency by wearing a headset which is connected to a small wearable computer. 

The voice techonology is able to keep the worker on task with auditory reminders, and workers are able to confirm their tasks by speaking into the headset. By freeing a warehouse worker's hands and eyes, voice directed systems typically improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety. While voice techonology was originally used in picking orders, now all warehouse functions such as goods receiving, put-away, replenishment, shipping, and returns processing can be coordinated by voice systems.

If you would like to learn more about voice techonology, we at Advanced Mobile Group look forward to answering your questions. 

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