What's Your ROI on a Personal Workstation?

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Aug 9, 2020 8:43:11 PM


One key Element of The Touchless Warehouse that goes a long way to making the workplace safer is the personal workstation. Outfitted with a printer, scanner, monitor or other equipment that fits the job, a mobile workstation not only makes the equipment "personal" (and safer), but also increases productivity. Powered by a unique Lithium battery that keeps the workstation operational for an entire shift (or more), it's a solution that improves productivity too. Clients deploying personal workstations see their Receiving speed increase - as much as double.

If you can count the footsteps required for your team to get to a printer in the warehouse, you can calculate the ROI on your personal workstation.

Use the sliders below and see what you can save while making your "Touchless Warehouse" a safer place to work:


Getting Creative with Mobile Power

While most facilities have found mobile-powered workstations to be a productivity boon in their every day processes like Receiving and Shipping, others have seen opportunities to get more creative and use them in ways that may not have been imagined when they were built. A few of the better ones we've seen (including one of our own) would include:

  1. Employee Thermal Scanning Station - mounting a heat-sensing camera on a cart connected to a laptop, one major retailer deploys the cart at the employee entrance each day where it can take the temperature of each employee coming in for a shift as part of their COVID safety protocols.
  2. High-Speed Inventory Collection - When one of our clients needed a way to keep track of their high-value archives, we tagged all their items with RFID tags and in addition to the gateways that show when every item comes in and out of the facility, we used a Newcastle Systems' Workstation with three RFID Antenna mounted on a telescoping arm that takes inventory of the entire facility just by rolling the cart up and down each aisle. Total time required? FIVE minutes!
  3. Product Intake Measurement - Another favorite we've seen is the use of a dimensional scanner and scale. A multi-national company that provides irradiation services for manufacturers importing items like spices, medical bandages and more, uses the workstation to scan a sample of each incoming product to determin the appropriate size of the caddy required to pass the items through the irradiation process.

Have a challenge? Or a creative idea that you'd like to try to develop like these? Contact us to learn more or share your idea to determine feasability.


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