What is Fast Fashion and What Are Its Risks?

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Sep 22, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Many of us don’t think twice about picking up a new piece of clothing here or there. Shirts, shorts, pants, and other items have become much more affordable in recent years, and trends seem to change from year to year. But this growing trend has a name and some downsides related to the supply chain and sustainability. Here’s what you need to know about fast fashion and its risks.

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Increasing Food Distribution Efficiency with RFID Technology

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Dec 26, 2021 7:40:15 PM

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers were becoming more conscious about the sources of the food they put on their tables, forcing a shift in supply chain transparency. Now, in a time of increased health concerns and supply chain troubles, there is an even more urgent need to secure consumer confidence with the assurance of food safety and reliability.

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Topics: RFID, WMS, inventory waste

6 Ways Your Food Business Can Deal With Supply Chain Disruptions

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Nov 12, 2021 6:42:49 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a host of vulnerabilities in the global food supply chain, leading to all sorts of disruptions across the country. Whether people are concerned about eating out at their favorite restaurant or getting ahold of their must-have snack food at the local grocer’s, fluctuating levels of supply and demand have created an unprecedented situation for food businesses. Here’s what you need to know about the current situation and six ways your food business can deal with supply chain disruptions.

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Topics: Supply Chain, inventory waste, COVID-19

How Can RFID Help the Environment?

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on May 20, 2021 8:17:17 PM

With the last eighteen months have been unique in regards to how often the supply chain and logistics industries were featured in mainstream news, RFID technology continued to quietly inject itself into more and more corners of the industry – and beyond. While we have all been busy keeping up with the basics of our old supply chain, new versions of it continued to evolve even more rapidly.

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The Eight Forms of Waste – Part II

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Feb 4, 2020 7:00:00 AM

As we continue our series of “challenges” that we started four weeks ago and will continue leading up to MODEX, we’re going to keep drilling down and spend a second week on the Eight Forms of Waste as they relate to Inventory. Last week we delved into the three areas of “Talent (Underutilized Resources)”, “Waiting Time” and “Extra Motion” (See “Eight Forms of Waste – Inventory, Part I”). This week we’ll look at four more forms of waste and how they impact your Inventory processes:

  • Defects
  • Transportation
  • Extra Processing
  • Over Production
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Topics: inventory waste, transporting, profit, over processing, defects

The Eight Forms of Waste – A Look at Inventory

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Jan 27, 2020 7:25:48 AM

Last week we continued our drill-down into the common challenges facing manufacturers and distribution businesses by focusing on Inventory (See “Four Inventory Management Challenges for 2020”). This week we’re going to dig down another level within the Inventory space by looking at it through the lens of the Six Sigma’s “Eight Forms of Waste”. Since we like to keep things to a short read of 5-7 minutes, we’ll focus on three of them today specifically in how they relate to the challenges of Inventory management.

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Topics: Inventory Managment, inventory waste, inventory challenges

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