Top 3 Warehouse Trends to Watch for in 2015

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As January comes to a close, we look back on the types of changes we saw in the warehouse industry in the past year. There are 3 new trends in particular that stood out and we think we will see even more of these practices in the industry in the coming year: 

1.       License Plating

  • For the sake of clarity, let us define license plating: using a unique identifier to group like or unlike products for the purpose of warehouse movements, consumption, receiving, picking, shipping, etc.
  • Distribution and manufacturing companies are asking for this ability more and more
  • Used for several types of operations
    • Companies that ship pallet quantities
    • Organizations that perform high-volume replenishments to pick lines
    • Manufacturers picking to a Work Order or production floor

2.       Full Lot/Expiry/Batch Traceability

  • We’ve all heard it, but it’s becoming a true reality as the government is starting to enforce policy in certain industries
  • The ability to track, “One step back and one step forward” is becoming a HUGE request from both manufacturers and distributors alike
  • Any company that is related to the food industry is looking, has looked or has in the back of their mind the need to track and trace to avoid potential recall debacles

3.       High Availability

  • If the ERP goes down, we don’t want the warehouse to stop working
  • High Availability is the ability for the warehouse software to continue operating, even if the ERP or connection to the ERP goes offline

Are there any changes you noticed in the warehouse industry in the past year that you think will continue to evolve into trends? 

Warehouse trends courtesy of Scott McKenzie - Check out his blog The BarCode Guy

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