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With millions of packages shipped out to online shoppers in the US alone, the fast fulfillment centers where packages are packed and shipped are being pushed to their limits.  At DHL, the pickers make as many as 3,000 scans per day in one warehouse. A number of device makers are looking to redesign a warehouse staple: the scanner gun - a heavy device that requires workers to repeatedly tilt their wrist back and forth. 

Zebra Technologies is innovating on the scanner gun with the TC8000, which is lighter and built with a large touch screen on top of the handle which eliminates the repetitive back and forth wrist tilting motion. The TC8000 mobile computer captures a serial number very quickly as a result of the efficiency of movement saved by the design. 

The device can boost productivity by 14% and at under $3000 it is still cheaper than many other solutions. It is 33% lighter than traditional models to reduce muscle fatigue among workers. An increase of 14% in productivity is equivalent to  gaining an extra hour of productivity, per worker, per day.

The TC8000 scanner is beloved by warehouse workers for its unique design, which some say feels like it was "made for their hands". Zebra put a lot of thought into the ease of use of this scanner. 


See the TC8000 in the Wall Street Journal 

On top of this Zebra did something completely unprecedented by a device manufacturer — they integrated a tool that allows you to automatically transform your legacy Terminal Emulation (TE) “green screens” into elegant, graphics-based All-touch TE screens that are not only highly intuitive, but also dramatically reduce the number of interactions required to complete a task — no coding and no modifications to your host application are required. The result? Less time to complete the job and increased productivity. This lightweight scanner is the next big thing in warehouse mobility. 

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