The World's Most "Daunting" Delivery Route and Supply Chain

Posted by Advanced Mobile Group on Dec 23, 2019 10:41:13 AM

191223 Santa Stats Blog - Distribution of Children Visited.pngIt’s that time of year when we are all revving up the household fib generator to ensure we preserve the mythical story of Santa for our children, as we hide presents, bake cookies, decorate, wrap presents and hide them again, customize playlists to avoid too many versions of “The Little Drummer Boy” per hour, and for some of us, start packing for the holiday visit or prepare the spare rooms when we become the destination.191223 Santa Stats Blog - Trailers and Sleigh

But what about Santa? Admittedly he has a small army of helpers and has a very singular focus that drives to a mission-critical one-day performance, but there is probably no other one-day job that brings with it as much attention or pressure as Santa’s big day.

But just HOW does he do it? Let’s take a quick look at the logistics involved in making the holidays happen and feel a bit relieved that there is still SOMEONE out there who can still do something that Amazon can’t.

Christmas By The Numbers

The Washington Post put together an excellent “Tale of the Tape” with all the vitals to make clear what the full scope of Santa’s operation might be like.

  • Number of kids planning to visit:        536,785,866
  • Number of unique households:          395,830,485
  • Weight of ONE Rubik’s Cube per kid: 59,000 tons
  • Vol. of 59,000 Rubik’s Cubes:             3.31 million ft3
  • Equivalent Trailers:                             1,238 trailers

Nutritional Value of ONE Cookie/Household:

  • 21 Billion Calories
  • 7 Billion with 1 oz of milk
  • 871 million lbs of fat
  • (Recommended Caloric Intake for 29,000 years)


  • Possible routes to visit all houses:                  395,830,485! (8.9 x 10 to the 3.2 billionth power)
  • Maximum hours of darkness to fly:                35 hours and 15 minutes
  • Total length of route:                                      395,830,485 miles
  • Average Required Speed:                                11.2 million mph (1/100th speed of light)
  • Time allowed per stop:                                   321 microseconds

191223 Santa Stats Blog - Distribution of Children by Longitude


Anything Is Possible

While we are probably a long way from ever winning the North Pole account, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t always looking for ways to improve. But we do know we can probably solve most of the supply chain and logistics issues of typical earthly businesses without the need to travel at 11.2 million miles per hour! Every year we evolve our skills and expand our solutions as a result of the opportunities provided by our clients all over the country.

We hope your 2019 was as satisfying as ours has been, and we look forward to partnering with you again in 2020.

Happy Holidays from the entire Advanced Mobile Group team!

191223 Santa Stats Blog - Santa Truck


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