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mc9200.jpgThe Zebra MC9200 was introduced to the tech world back in June of 2013, building upon the original design of the MC9000 series, which was once called the "world's best-selling industrial mobile computer," according to Zebra has since sold over two million units since its launch, which is quite a large number considering the type of product in question. The newest model, the MC9200, is compatible with all existing accessories and peripherals previously designed for the mobile computer series, allowing a large customer base to simply upgrade their existing device without replacing every single item they have purchased over time. In terms of an investment, that fact cannot be beat. 

Technology Overview 

As with prior versions of the mobile computer, the MC9200 introduces a number of keypad and scan engine options, including long-range imaging options to include enhanced 1D and 2D bar code reading from up to 30 feet away. In terms of retail and warehouse applications, the MC9200 is unbeatable in its ease of use and functionality.

One new feature that should let the device stand apart from the competition, however, is the ability to automatically switch from a scan line to high-visibility aiming dot for increased aiming, and the continuous scanning with a single trigger pull. These two new mainline features should prove easily accessible and often utilized by workers. 

Internal Technology

Being a mobile computer, it makes sense that Zebra packed the MC9200 with a bevy of high-tech parts mc9200-1.jpgleading to improved optimization and functionality. Inside, the mobile computer features a dual-core 1GHZ OMAP 4 processor, high-speed Wi-Fi connection adapter, a 3.7-inch high-resolution color VGA touchscreen, 2GB of Flash memory, with up to 32GB of additional storage space, and Microsoft Windows CE 7.0 or Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 stock.

In a gadget of this size, witnessing such impressive specifications is both astounding and awe-inspiring to the everyday user. The processor alone is enough to handle any task at hand, but the inclusion of Wi-Fi connection ability and increased storage space should allow for retail stores and warehouse environments to continue using the device for years to come.

Rugged Design 

When a piece of technology is being used on a daily basis in an environment such as a warehouse, one does not simply expect said mobile computer to be quite pristine. In fact, Zebra went through the trouble of introducing a rugged design to ensure any drops, falls, or accidents were covered. The case has been designed in such a way to offer a response to the changing demands and dangers of the work environment, where people are constantly on the move and working with large machinery or thousands of stock options on a regular basis.

The MC9200 is probably one of the most rugged, efficient mobile computers designed by Zebra. In fact, the company has ensured their most recent release is capable of reliable performance within extreme heat, overly cold environments, dust, liquid spills, and repeated drops from that employee who appears to have butterfingers. Despite such incidents happening regularly, the MC9200 continues to outperform other options currently on the market.

In terms of scanning capabilities, the MC9200 can scan any barcode, no matter the damage or dirt present on said bar code. The mobile computer has been configured to read the code and complete and missing sections to read the product despite such issues being present.

Current and Previous Versions 

There are currently two versions available for sale via Advanced Mobile Group: standard and premium. The premium model is notable due to featuring all of the same features of the standard model but with the added benefit of increased memory, IST support, RFID tag, plus Microsoft Office included directly on the device out of the box. With the addition of Microsoft Office, workers won't be required to visit a desktop computer to handle other tasks. Their mobile computer will be fully capable of performing such projects with ease. 

Testimonials from the Field 

There are quite a few happy customers from across the country who stand by the MC9200 and its functionality. In fact, many of those who used the system have spoken outright, claiming their friends and co-workers should buy one if needed. Standing by a product with such vigor is a good sign for business.

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