The Growing Importance of Food Traceability

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In today’s complex environment of complicated, yet extraordinarily important, requirements for food safety, an effective food traceability system is imperative. With the steep increase in FDA food recalls, every second required to respond could mean the difference in consumers’ health and in the loss of millions of dollars. 

Technology-based traceability systems, utilizing RFID or barcoding, provide substantial advantages over pen-and-paper methods for small and large businesses in the food chain. Automated track and trace systems improve productivity, increase consumer safety and brand protection as well as enable compliance with government regulations. 

By combining current automated track and trace software with customer relationship management software (CRM) already used by retailers, it’s entirely possible to trace food from point of harvest to point of consumption. Therefore avoiding most food-related problems. 

For example, if a store had bags of spinach from two lots and there is a recall on only one lot, the retailer could utilize their network to identify the customers who bought that specific lot of spinach and proactively send these customers an alert via email, phone and/or text message.

Today, consumers are alerted to recalls through reactive public announcements; however, it’s extremely easy for customers to never see these announcements, whether it’s due to travel or not reading the news on a regular basis. By tracking food from point of harvest to point of consumption, retailers can leverage consumers preferred mode of communication and proactively protect their customers – and their brands. 

See the Infographic below to learn how food safety is crucial to business. 



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