RFID One of Key Trends in 2015 NRF’s Big Show

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The National Retail Federation’s “Big Show” is a great place to spot which innovation trends will be the next big thing in retail technology in the coming year.  From the look of it RFID stole the show with many sessions geared toward showing how RFID was used by the most forefront retailers this year and expert projections on the future of the technology in retail.

Adoption is occurring quicker than ever

More than 50 percent of leading retailers are adopting RFID because of the benefits experienced from the technology by early adopters such as Wal-mart. According to experts Europe is more advanced in the adoption process but they hope to see an increase in use of RFID in the United States.

Retail giant Macy’s recently announced that they will be expanding their RFID adoption to all fashion categories in 2015, after a successful pilot in the last few years of tagging high cost fashion items. 

Pam Sweeney, a senior VP at Macy’s, states “It allows us to feel confident to be able to fulfill orders in the omnichannel space.”

The Future Will See Unprecedented Uses

Lululemon, a Canadian retailer, who has been fairly secretive about their pilot trial with RFID has reported great satisfaction and success. Joe Granato, director of operations, exclaimed “we have been excited about RFID for a long time…it’s easy for naysayers to say it’s complex but until you play with it and learn from it that’s where the value comes from.”

This is an exciting time for RFID. Some experts claim that RFID is still currently in its adolescence and the most exciting implications and uses for the technology are still yet to be revealed.

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