RFID for Personnel Safety and Security

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What if you could determine in real time which personnel are safe in muster areas and which are still missing during an emergency evacuation? If you could do this you would be able to protect your companies' most valuable assets: your employees. Personnel safety and security are very important. In 2001 the European Union did a study of industrial accidents and found that:

  • One worker died every 2 hours
  • One worker became a victim of an accident every 5 seconds
  • Fatalities occurred in 7.6 million accidents at work 

If you think these numbers are shocking then you’re right – we need to be very proactive in finding solutions that reduce and eliminate these statistics. To understand how to accomplish this we first need to understand the needs of businesses in industrial settings. The businesses need to be able to:

  • Locate personnel in dangerous environments
  • Minimize the time to identify, locate and assist workers in case of need
  • Verify presence in authorized locations and work permits
  • Coordinate evacuations and rapid mustering

These businesses need real time solutions that provide workers and management with high accuracy location, which also detects location continuously and in real time. 

RFID creates solutions that allow for businesses to monitor worker safety in a much more thorough way which is not possible without techonology.

Imagine this scenario: there is a big warehouse; forklifts are moving around carrying heavy loads. This is definitely not a place for visitors to wander around, as there is a danger of being hit by a forklift, or even worse by a heavy asset that falls off a forklift. One type of visitor that you could encounter in such a warehouse are the contract truckers from shipping companies. After they arrive they have to wait until their truck is loaded, or unloaded. During this waiting time they might wander around the facility to have a smoke or make a phone call. Real accidents have occurred and people have died in such situations. 

Think of the difference a real time safety solution would make in this situation. If the trucker was given a location personnel tag, which is an active RFID tag, that is worn at all times. The trucker is tagged in real time and if they accidently wander into a restricted area security is immediately dispatched to remove the trucker from a possibly dangerous situation.

By knowing where your personnel are you can get help to them quicker, you can anticipate risky situations before they happen, you can enforce regulations and policies in an easier manner, and most importantly potentially safe lives.

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