High Tech Companies Using RFID as Security

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Hi-tech companies developing and manufacturing portable devices or products with sensitive data and information cannot leave their security level to chances. The data stored on the portable devices like tablets and laptops is the main reason behind their technological breakthroughs and success. Research and development teams may have spent countless hours, months and sometimes years in coming out with these solutions but one security breach may set them back entirely.

The surprising Way a Security Breach Can Occur

To understand this let us take an example of a multi-national hi-tech corporation’s headquarter which is several floors high with countless rooms and thousands of laptops all through the organization’s premise. Such a big hi-tech organization is likely to have hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors every single day. Out of which some may be business development professionals, some consultants, some cleaning staff and others just relatives or friends of the employees.

As per security norms each visitor is signed in at the front, but there is great probability that ID cards can be exchanged with entrance cards, and the visitor (who can be a competitor or intruder) is free to roam in the company premises. If alone, the visitor can start wondering ingenuously or otherwise through the entire facilities, arriving at very confidential or sensitive rooms. These rooms hold data and information that is very vital to the company's constant success and if by chance this confidential information lands in the hands of a competitor or a crook then the product’s future could be jeopardized. 

How RFID Technology Can Curb a Security Breach

The advantage of RFID system is that it works in perfect union with the security staff, facilities and regulations. Every portable device which the organization wants to safeguard is secured with RFID tags. These RFID tags are tamper proof, and if they are detached, removed or damaged an instant alert is sent to the security staff that quickly come to action, as they get the information regarding where and which device have been tampered.

Another situation can be actual theft of the device, without damaging or touching the RFID tag placed on it. Once the suspect or intruder tries to move the device outside of a particular area or predefined room, RFID technology triggers an event. A SMS, an alarm, or report can be transmitted to the company’s security, notifying them of the theft incident. This way the device can be prevented from getting into competitor’s hand or data thieves.

A Drop in Theft

In unification with security cameras and other security measures, RFID has proved to guard organizations against security breaches in real time. Hi-tech organizations that already have this type of security system report a decrease to zero number of thefts of laptops, tablets and other portable devices. This advanced safety measure is an added advantage for companies as it provides peace of mind to the security staff, company's management, employees and insurance company.

Since the evolution and development of RFID technology, the security market has witnessed a strong transformation. Now there are numerous applications that help to track assets and manage people. All these innovations have made a great difference in the security world and have made it possible for companies to protect their confidential data from getting into wrong hands.

RFID technology is a great help to secure information and as a result more and more hi-tech organizations are integrating it into their security facilities to completely eliminate security breaches.

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