Determining When RFID is Right for Your Service

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Every business owner wants to improve their operations, take advantage of efficiencies of scale and reduce their costs. If you are a business owner or part of a management team, you may be wondering if your company would benefit from the implementation of an RFID system.

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, has been revolutionizing everything from corporate access control to traffic toll systems, but how do you know when is RFID right for your service? There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about an RFID conversion, from the cost of the installation to training needs for your employees to the ongoing cost of maintenance.

What Exactly is RFID?

RFID systems use radio waves to track and identify goods based on the data assigned to their tags. Those RFID tags are attached to the SKUs business owners select, making it easier to track their progress through the supply chain or their location in a retail or manufacturing environment.

Once the RFID system has been installed and RFID tags attached to goods in inventory, readers are used to identify those tagged items, instantly putting all the pertinent information in the hands of your employees. Many types of businesses can benefit from this type of technology, from large warehouses and retail stores to toll roads and parking facilities.

The Question of ROI

One of the most important questions business owners should ask themselves is if they are large enough to make an RFID system cost effective and worthwhile. Some small business owners assume that RFID technology is out of their reach, but that is rarely the case. Even small operations can increase their efficiency and lower their costs through the implementation of RFID technology, and RFID systems come in a variety of sizes designed to suit almost any type of operation. 

The beauty of RFID technology is that it can increase efficiency throughout the entire company and its operations. The fast reading time and extended range of a quality RFID system means the technology can be used in a variety of departments, from loss prevention at retail stores to the shipping department at a large manufacturer.

All About Implementation 

Implementing an RFID tag solution can also make the painstaking and time-consuming inventory process a snap. Instead of spending days counting items by hand, employees can simply use their RFID tag readers to perform real-time counts and monitor shrinkage. The efficiency of an RFID inventory greatly reduces the impact on the business and makes it possible for even new hires to work efficiently and keep errors to a minimum.

Implementing an RFID solution can be just as impactful in the shipping department. In deciding when is RFID right for your service, it is important to consider all the factors, from the importance of shipping to your operations to the impact a single error could have on your company and its image. The use of RFID can greatly increase the accuracy of the shipping operation, especially since the tags can easily be read even through a sealed box. Employees can quickly read the information non the RFID tag, compare the information to the purchase order and ensure that each customer gets exactly the goods they ordered. By reducing errors and improving efficiency, companies can boost their bottom lines, enhance their brand images and scale their operations more efficiently - all thanks to RFID.

As you can see, implementing an RFID solution for your business offers a host of benefits, from lower costs and greater efficiency to reduced errors and easier inventory tracking. Unlike other inventory management systems, installing an RFID-based system does not require any downtime, since all system testing can be performed offline. Once the offline testing has been completed, the system can be easily installed, and employee training is typically fast and easy as well. 

If you have been looking for a smart, affordable and practical inventory control system for your business, RFID technology may be just what you have been waiting for. RFID technology is easy to implement, simple to use, completely scalable and suitable for businesses of all sizes. From manufacturing plants to retail stores, from parking garages to toll roads, RFID technology has already proven its value, and more and more companies are discovering its advantages and taking advantage of its power.

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