Complex Order Fulfillment Simplified with Voice Collection

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Order fulfillment continues to become more efficient as warehouse automation technology evolves. Voice collection is one of the most recent technological advances to disrupt the order fulfillment status quo. Vocollect is a hands-free order fulfillment solution that tackles the problems traditionally encountered in complex order fulfillment to offer a simple, user-friendly solution. The result is a comprehensive lineup of organizational benefits across varying use case scenarios that increase profitability, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.


Combining voice and scanning capabilities, Vocollect assists with complex order fulfillment to make warehouse operations more efficient for both new and experienced employees. Vocollect is designed specifically to integrate with and leverage existing ERP and WMS technologies. The result is a well-equipped solution that utilizes existing technology to provide a more complete solution. The integration potential is virtually limitless when combined with other warehouse automation technology like robotics and palletizing.

Furthermore, Vocollect offers better customization for specific applications. Honeywell utilizes meetings with management and first-hand observation of warehouse workers to inform their understanding of business needs. After analyzing a company’s strategic goals, daily operations, and current workflows Honeywell can cater a Vocollect solution to support existing business functions and meet developing objectives.

Organizational Benefits


Hands-free order fulfillment improves productivity and pick accuracy. Without accuracy, pick speed is meaningless because delivering the wrong product to the customer costs substantially more money and more time to fix afterward. Voice collection can be used for case picking as well as reserve picking for greater flexibility. Voice collection eliminates unnecessary steps by allowing warehouse workers to simplify tasks (for example, multi-picking sequential label numbers by simply scanning the first and last numbers in the batch) when compared to discrete order picking. The cumulative effect of increasing accuracy is improved profitability during the order fulfillment process.


Complex-Order-Fulfillment-Simplified-with-Voice-Collection-1Voice collection technology equips a company to optimize the experience of an individual worker while increasing overall operational efficiency, meaning that workers enjoy an improved user experience while the business benefits from the aggregate efficiency increase that results. The result is often greater employee retention as a result of shorter, more efficient shifts. In the case of Ewing Irrigation Products, Vocollect enabled their 12 associates to work 8 hours a day (5 days a week) instead of the 12 hours a day (6 days a week) they had been working previously while servicing twice as many locations. In this scenario, both the employees themselves and the company benefited demonstrably from implementing voice collection software.


Unlike handheld devices, a hands-free voice collection system is easy for new employees to learn how to use. Traditional training that used to take 1-2 days can now be completed in an hour or less. Not only can workers learn how to use the system more quickly, they also commit fewer errors during use. This reduces the cost of training and largely eliminates the need for retraining.


Complex-Order-Fulfillment-Simplified-with-Voice-Collection-2Voice collection technology also avoids many of the same ergonomic challenges that handheld devices pose. By utilizing a worker’s voice via a headset instead of requiring manual entry or scanning for every pick item, repetitive stress injuries can be reduced substantially. Furthermore, voice applications create a safer environment for employees because they allow employees to keep their eyes on a task and their hands-free while doing so. Both of these changes keep workers more alert while moving around inside warehouse facilities that likely also have machinery operating alongside them.

Warehouse Uses

Complex-Order-Fulfillment-Simplified-with-Voice-Collection-3In the case of complex order fulfillment, voice collection provides even more robust benefits by allowing workers to more effectively pick oversized or irregularly shaped items for shipment with ease. Similarly, high-volume operations can utilize this technology to streamline warehouse operations and speed up shipping. In the case of critical shipments and urgent deliveries, this can mean the difference between preserving the customer relationship and losing valuable business.

Voice technology can be used to reduce the walk or forklift travel path to collect pick items. This improves worker productivity while also reducing safety hazards caused by extraneous movement. Pick data can be analyzed to improve slotting across the facility, allowing for better organization of popular products to create even greater efficiencies.  

These use case scenarios provide scalability for growing organizations that need to both add new employees quickly and increase order fulfillment and shipping.

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