Building a Smart Hospital Using RFID (Infographic)

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RFID and Healthcare are an obvious partnership. Few places on Earth need to run as smoothly as hospitals do. If a hospital is not functioning properly, it can truly be an issue of life and death. So one would think that improving hospital operations would be a critical issue for both public and private hospitals.

Surprisingly many hospitals run at a level of inefficiency that would be mind blowing for a typical business person. For instance, it is common for only 40% of IV Pumps to be utilized in a hospital. Meaning that often there is more equipment not being utilized than being utilized. Of course, these scenarios lead to waste, but with so many moving pieces and unpredictable events it is difficult for hospitals to monitor equipment usage.

RFID can be used practically in any area of a hospital to improve efficiency. In the case of IV Pumps, a hospital that chose to implement RFID was able to raise their utilization rates to 90%. This same hospital also saved $2 billion dollars a year after they chose to go with an extensive RFID-based overhaul. The ROI of RFID for hospitals is obvious, with some considerations many hospitals will benefit from implementation.



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