Building a Path to Purchase in 10 Easy Steps

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In the era of online shopping the path to purchase often starts way before a customer enters a store. They may read reviews online, see recommendations from friends, or click on an online ad all before ever entering a brick and mortar location.

Retailers need to make sure that the in store buying experience is as simple and enjoyable as possible. Any unexpected obstacles to the path of purchase can result in a customer abandoning their task. Together the following 10 steps respond to the needs of your customers to meet their expectations in the current retail environment. 

Building a path for your customers:

1. Welcome every customer to the store – personally or digitally

2. Connect customers to the store with guest Wi-Fi

3. Implement guided shopping through a map or self scanning solution

4. Promote the right products through hyper-personalised marketing

5. Provide product reviews at the point of decision

6. Locate customers to build a picture of their in-store journey

7. Ensure sales assistants are available and enabled at busy purchase points

8. Reduce queues with mobile point of sale solutions around the store

9. Offer self-service checkouts

10. Cut queuing time with the best scanning equipment available

Make sure to utilize this infographic by sharing it with your co-workers and staff to help them remember the steps. 


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