77% of Warehouses Will Struggle to Deliver Products on the Same Day

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Delivering products is crucial to any businesses success, and not offering same day delivery can make you lose out to the competition. If your business is looking to improve its bottom line, increase customer satisfaction, and become a more efficient company, it may be time to learn how to increase productivity.

The Zebra study looks at supply chains, and what they do to improve their efficiency. In the future, many companies will want to expand, so it’s imperative that a company runs better. Using advanced technology will improve productivity, and make a company more efficient.


While it’s no surprise that delivering product on the same day is difficult, there are a host of issues that can contribute to the main problem. Some of the main issues that manufacturers face includes order turnaround time, labor performance and productivity, order accuracy, staff turnover, and traceability are some of the primary culprits.

If your company cannot send out products on the same day, it could be one or several of these factors. Losing the order can set everything back, including orders that have been received. Cutting down on these simple mistakes can greatly improve the efficiency of your company. 

Improving Productivity

Even though your company may struggle to deliver an order the same day, there is a way to measure the efficiency of your process. Taking account of on-time deliveries, order accuracy, perfect order completion, order cycle times, and order fill rate will make your company more efficient.

Of course, there is technology available to help your company become more efficient, including tracking systems, and your warehouse layout. Combining everything together can make your warehouse run smoother, faster, and better when you can combine more than one system in place.

Worker Productivity

Better workers can enhance the company’s standards, and there are cost effective ways to get everyone on the same page. Better training for the manufacturing, transportation, and retail parts can help drive a company to success. Increasing the training in these areas allows those working in the specialty will teach them everything they need to know.

Not only will better training make it easier, better technology can increase their productivity. Mixing technologies will allow your company to work efficiently, and keep different parts of the company on the same page when it comes to manufacturing, transporting, and distributing products.

Importance of Inventory Accuracy

Inventory should be accurately accounted for, and even if one thing is out of place, it can throw off the whole system. Using accurate methods to track inventory includes reducing products that are out of tock, enhances the customer service, and keeps the company in regulatory compliance.

When you can enhance the customer service portion of your company, chances are that these people will become repeat customers. This is important for any company that wants to succeed. Reducing the odds of running out of products will also help the customer realize how important the company cares about their customers.

Changes Coming Soon

Many warehouses are looking at expanding, and there are factors that show that more companies want to expand. Some of the factors that are forcing change in the world include lower transportation costs, faster delivery times, new supplier and partner locations, changes to inventory policies, omnichannel pressures, and talent and skill shortages.

While talent shortage can be concerning, the good news is that there is a solution to combat those shortages. Cheaper transportation is the biggest change, and with self-driving vehicles being tested on the roads, it can be a matter of a few years before those costs become quite affordable.

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Expansion Plans

When it comes to future plans, many companies look for ways to expand their reach to bring in more customers. The top five expansion plans include volume of items shipped, automation of processes, annual inventory turns, number of employees, and their number of SKUs. Not every company is looking to expand the same way, so it is important to understand where you can grow, and what steps you need to take. Different growth goals require different personnel and tools. You can ask your workers to see if they have any recommendations to make everything more efficient.

Company Size

Of course, one reason why many companies don’t have same day delivery is due to the lack of people they have working in the company. Nearly a quarter of the companies polled in the Zebra study had anywhere from 100 to 499 people working there.

Larger companies are rarer, but a fifth of those surveyed had anywhere between 1000 to 4999 employees. Considering most of these companies don’t have the manpower to deliver the same day, it is possible to work efficiently, even with less employees. Growth can add more employees, which can make your company work more efficiently and productively.

Going Green

More and more companies are starting to realize the importance of going green, and green initiatives are beginning to catch on. More companies have found ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save some extra money. Some things companies have started to do include recycling packaging materials, using biodegradable materials, utilizing vertical space, adding lighting timers, and reducing energy consumption. Though it may not seem like going green will help advance your company to work on same day deliveries, the truth is that the savings from going green can go towards focusing on same day deliveries.

New Systems

For the most part, many companies have looked at ways to improve their inventory to keep track of everything they have. Pen and paper is the most common form of inventory intake, but computers on wheels and spreadsheets are still quite popular. Handheld devices have not quite become a staple in a lot of warehouses, but they are starting to become more popular.

One of the most surprising technologies is RFID, which provides a wide variety of benefits. Still in its infancy, RFID is starting to become one of the most widely accepted ways to keep track of inventory, and should see a spike in the future.

Top Technology Investments

When you’re looking to expand your company, you should look at what technology you should focus on investing in. Here are the top 5 technologies you should invest in.

  • RFID
    • RFID has started to gain a lot of traction in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why. You can keep track of every item, look up an item, and find out when it will arrive at a location. RFID readers and the technology is expected to become a staple in the industry, and expects to be a staple in over 85 percent of manufacturing companies. RFID readers are going to be the prime staple of manufacturing, so it’s a good idea to get a jump start.
  • Handhelds
    • Using handheld technologies will make doing inventory quick and easy. Instead of spending hours doing inventory with a pen and paper, an associate can look up the product to see if there is any in stock. Many people may prefer doing it with pen and paper, but it can take a long time. Investing in handhelds is a good idea, especially since the market and demand are going to go up. You would be better off getting in early, and finding a device that is easy to teach people how to use.
  • Automation Truck Loading
    • Loading a truck manually can take at least a couple of hours, which isn’t good if you’re trying to accomplish same day delivery. Using automated truck loading programs can decrease the amount of time it takes to load and unload the truck. The best part is that inventory can be tracked easier when it is loaded up on the loader. This is an easy set up to help those accomplish same day delivery, especially when an order needs to come in ASAP. It’s an easy set up, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out.
  • Advanced Imagers and Cameras
    • One thing that can happen to any product, especially when it’s being transported, is that the bar code can wear off. Using an advanced imager or camera can capture every part of the barcode, even if it has worn off. You can also use the cameras to ensure safety measures are being followed, inventory doesn’t go missing, and for other things.
  • Internet of Things
    • While already a staple in today’s world, investing on the Internet of Things allows you to bring in more customers. You can set up a delivery site that people can visit, pay for a product, and have it delivered in the same day. You can connect the delivery site to any location, and people can have their products in the same day. Though some companies do offer same day delivery services, the product may not be available, or the person may live somewhere that is not easily accessible. Connecting all these points can bring more people to a company, which can allow for more growth.

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