5 Ingenius Uses for RFID

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With the ever increasing popularity of RFID we are seeing this technology being used in new and unexpected ways. Particularly B2C industries are adopting RFID to create use cases that the original RFID innovators would have never imagined. With these clever new implementations, RFID is shown to be more versatile than ever. Regardless of what your business is, it seems that RFID has a place in any industry - you just need to be creative. 

1. Disney Pixar's New RFID Toys

Disney just recently unveiled a line of new toys for their upcoming movies "Inside Out" and "The Good Dinosaur" which will utilize RFID technology for the figures to talk to each other. 

2. Seattle's Bike Sharing System

Pronto! Emerald City Cycle Share which launches in Seattle this week will use a RFID based locking mechanism. The RFID tag integrated into the locking base will be able to help lock or release the bike and contain the asset information of that particular bike along with its trip information. 


3. Casinos and Robbery Proof Chips

Loss prevention is a common use for RFID, but with a recent 1.5M robbery foiled as a result of usage of RFID casino chips, the value of RFID is more apparent than ever. Not only are casinos able to virtually eliminate theft, but RFID also allows them to gather important data for when chips are spent, and where they are spent - and to use this data to their advantage. 


4. Smart Fitting Rooms

As these become more and more common, the fitting room experience is getting the RFID makeover. Typically a smart fitting room will have a RFID scanner and some sort of tablet or touch screen which serves as a "personal assistant". By scanning dressing room items customers can access similar items, product data, different sizes, etc. As for retailers, they have the added benefit of more insight into their customer's decision making process. 

5. Loss-resistant Golf Balls

As cost of RFID tags diminishes, we are able to use tags in items that were often thought of as not valuable to warrant the RFID treatment. Now companies like RadarGolf will make sure that you can swing with confidence without fear of losing your ball. 

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