5 Reasons You Need a RFID File Tracking System

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One out of every 20 paper documents are lost in the workplace, and office workers lose hundreds of hours each year searching for documents that have been misplaced. Luckily there are now effective solutions to avoid inefficiencies associated with document management. 

By implementing an RFID-based file tracking system a company can save hundreds of hours of employees searching for lost files, increase security around said files, and achieve a level of organization that is impossible without a technology based file tracking system. 

Using RFID with file tracking software can even make it possible for an employee with a hand-held reader to locate a specific file among a large stack of paperwork in seconds. When used in inventory management RFID has an accuracy of 99.9% - which results in the most accurate file management system out there. 

Anyone can guess that this type of system has many benefits, here are the top five:

1. Save time

Every business with a filing system has hours lost to searching for files. Whether it's a medical clinic searching for patient records, a police station searching for evidence, or a law firm searching for case files. The more files there are, the more time is wasted searching for them. Of course, this time could be spent on more efficient tasks which help business grow. 

2. Increase security

File theft is a serious concern for many businesses. Keep sensitive information secure with an RFID based tracking system. Watch this video to see how sensors can be positioned at entrances and exits, and even ceilings to make sure that files that need to stay in the building do just that. 

3. Increase professionalism

Can you imagine losing an important customer file? With an RFID-based system the likelihood of this scenario is lower than ever. A business can build a reputation of professionalism by never losing important documents. 

4. Save money

When employees are spending time searching for files that is money lost. This can be a few hundred a week, and maybe a few thousand depending on the position of the employee in the company who is searching for lost items. Either way this adds up to a significant loss every year. 

5. Reduce stress

This may be a more abstract benefit, but important nonetheless. Losing files, evidence or important customer information is stressful for employees. It is embarrassing for a business, and demoralizing for a team working on a project. The security of knowing where a file is when it is needed may be worth even more than the money saved.

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