5 Reasons to Start Your All-Touch TE Transition

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So many years ago the green screen was fine. Now times have changed and user expectations are drastically evolving. There are many applications out there that are still using this decades old way of interacting with back end systems. What businesses may not realize is that there are inherent productivity gains in transitioning from green screen to an All Touch TE experience.

One example of the effectiveness’ of this transition is brought to us by a certain online retail giant. This retailer is famous for hiring seasonal workers to support their increase in shipping demands during the year. The digital retailer used green screen Terminal Emulation with their back end systems and on average it took 2.5 days to train a seasonal worker with this older system. The retailer was able to modernize that user interface and transition devices to a touch-centric interface without changing the backend. The change cut training time down from 2.5 days to half a day. 

Not only does transitioning to an All Touch TE cut down on training time, studies show that going to a touch centric interface increases average productivity by 14% per worker. 

5 Reasons to Transition from Green Screen TE to an All-touch TE

  1. Reduction in training time
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Reduction in errors
  4. Professional Services opportunities for our partners
  5. Increase in typing speed and accuracy

So you're convinced that transition to an All Touch TE is right for your business. The next step is to take a look at Wavelink Velocity, the industry leader in TE transitioning. Wavelink Velocity is designed to take full advantage of the touchscreen interface and features found in today’s mobile devices, placing familiar touch-based navigation and control at workers’ fingertips. 

So what does this mean for your web applications? In particular, the web based systems workers access everyday to do their jobs. With Wavelink Velocity your web applications are ready for the next generation of mobile devices. Velocity provides the browser experience for touch interface, such as Android, so you can deploy without making changes to your web based host.

Want to update your existing web app with a new look and intuitive navigation? It’s easy with the Velocity console and powerful Wavelink scripting offers great automation options like parsing bar coded data or customizing notifications to alert users.

Speaking of keeping workers focused the Velocity browser can restrict access to browser controls to help keep everyone on task. 

4 Ways Wavelink Velocity Improves Warehouse Operations

  • Improving Workflows to Maximize User Productivity. The Wavelink Velocity console’s advanced scripting capabilities let users optimize task workflows, helping workers be more productive. They also allow users to parse barcoded data into fields, highlight important information on the fly, and customize audible tones for alerts, errors and more.
  • Mobilize Workers Faster. With CSS inserts, users can reformat screens easily for mobile access. Customers can take web application screens previously used for desktop and deliver them to mobile workers in a clear, mobile-optimized format.
  • Simple Deployment. Migrating web apps to the Velocity platform is simple. Similar to modernizing terminal emulation, Velocity implementations for web applications consist of the mobile app and administrative console, so there’s no need for middle ware between mobile devices and the host.
  • Easy Migration of Legacy Mobile Web Apps. Velocity is the pathway to bring existing Wavelink Industrial Browser applications to touchscreen devices and the Android operating system.

It’s time your web apps were ready for the next generation of mobile productivity and you can make it happen. Here at Advanced Mobile Group we are experts in Green Screen TE to All Touch TE transitions. Tell us a little about your business and start your transition today. 

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