5 More Coolest RFID based Kickstarter Projects

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Since our 5 Coolest RFID Based Kickstarter Projects was a hit on Twitter we decided to do a sequel and review 5 more RFID-based Kickstarter projects. Looking to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter can be an indication of a technology's future.
Often on these sites we can see new uses for a particular technology that has neer been seen before. We guarantee that a few of the following projects will raise some eye brows. 

1. The xNT Implantable NFC Chip

"Let's produce the world's first NFC compliant RFID implant, together!"

Near Field Communication or NFC specifications contain a set of standards which are applied to a specific set of RFID technologies, and it's taking the world by storm in the form of devices like mobile phones and tablets. We've successfully prototyped and tested the world's first implantable NFC technology - we call it the xNT.

The xNT is a 2mm x 12mm, fully NFC Type 2 compliant RFID tag encased in a cylindrical Schott 8625 bioglass ampule and sterilized in ethylene oxide gas. It is compatible with all NFC compliant devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. and can be used to launch URLs, share contact details, unlock phones, etc. The xNT is also ISO14443A compliant, so it can also be used with several types of commercial readers to unlock doors, start cars, log into computers, and more!

2. NFC Ring: One Smart Ring - Unlimited Possiblities 


The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and link people. Best of all the NFC Ring glides right onto your finger - no updates, no charging, and no fuss.

3. Control Your World With Reemo



Quickly and confidently secure your home using Reemo. Instead of walking to a keypad, fumbling for light switches, or opening an app, with Reemo you simply point and control. You can turn on interior or exterior lights, lock doors, or arm the security system, all in moments, from a distance. 

4. Nourish: Intelligent Countertop Supplement System

Nourish sources information from your health apps and fitness trackers to produce the right nutrient blend for your particular goals.

It takes into account your foods, exercise types, heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure and more, and delivers what it considers to be an ideal blend based on nutrients you might be missing, or ingredients it think will complement your activity. 

5. Boscloner: All-in-one RFID Capturing and Cloning Hardware

The Boscloner is an all-in-one Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader that is capable of digitally capturing a low-frequency RFID badge from up to three feet away. Once the badge is captured, the Boscloner will (within seconds) clone that digitally captured RFID badge to a new badge that is located on an easily accessible external part of the bag enclosure. The Boscloner aims to streamline the process from capturing to cloning in an efficient manner that is unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

Do you think any of these will succeed in becoming a household name? 

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