5 Coolest RFID Based Kickstarter Projects

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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps bring ideas to life. It's great for new technology that needs investment before attempting to go to market. Some of the most innovative technologies of the past year have been crowdfunded such as SmartThings and Pebble. In the future we are hoping to see more innovation with RFID technology on Kickstarter, we think there are a lot of potential there. Here are some current and past RFID based Kickstarter's that caught our eye:

1. RFIDler - A Software Defined RFID Reader/Emulator/Writer


The goal of RFIDler is to produce a tool for Low Frequency (125-134Khz) RFID research projects, as well as a cut-down (Lite) version that can be embedded into your own hardware projects. The hardware gives you the capability to read/write/emulate more or less any LF tag, and also takes the hard work out of most of them by implementing all the tag types in the public domain. 

2. Liquid Stone Card - an RFID based Post Card


This project focuses on creating and sharing stories in the form of video messages. Using patented technology they are linking experiences in the form of music, poems, photos, and videos to RFID-tagged postcards called Liquid Stone Cards. Touch the card with a near field communication (NFC) cell phone to retrieve, replay, and share memories from the past.  Instant recall of the experiences using video messaging will connect the physical and virtual worlds together in time. 

3. Day or Doom - Action Focused Video Strategy Board Game


A multiplayer action video boardgame combining digital dice, RFID cards and individual commands pads for a unique gaming experience. The TecDeck is made up of 70 high quality jumbo-sized RFID chipped playing cards. Made with durable plastic coated card stock, these cards are robust and easy to shuffle, retaining their shape as much as possible. An RFID inlay is sandwiched between two dual layer surfaces made of card and rubber coating. 

4. RFID Pet Food Bowl


RFID pet bowl built a proof-of-concept bowl with a lid that opens when a specific pet’s tag is detected and closes when the pet moves away from the bowl. Handy for making sure only a certain pet eats from a particular bowl, say instead of a cat or a baby.

5. Safesleeve - The Case That Blocks Radiation and RFID


SafeSleeve is cell phone case that combines Anti-Radiation and Anti-RFID technology with an impact and scratch resistant case. They've also added an RFID blocking wallet and a built-in stand for peace of mind and convenience. It’s basically the Swiss Army knife of cell phone cases, but with Anti-Radiation Technology instead of that plastic toothpick. 

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