5 Best RFID Infographics

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 9:38:31 PM

One of the best ways to understand trends and data is to see them visualized, which is why infographics are so handy. RFID infographics show us the uses of this tech along with the benefits across many industries. Here are some of the best RFID infographics we found around the web. Make sure to also check out our infographic here and here

1. The Future of Big Data

Big data is huge, and more data is coming. RFID is one component that is fueling that collection of this data. 


2. RFID is Gaining Traction

See how growing RFID adoption is gaining traction across industries such as manufacturing, and retailing. 


3. RFID at Events: How, Why and What's Next

RFID at events is a growing trend that makes tracking attendance and increasing interactive features at events. In addition RFID at events makes things like check in run faster and more smoothly, who wouldn't be happy about that?



4. 5 Fun and Unusual Uses for RFID

RFID for tracking bees? Who knew? People are always finding completely unique ways for using RFID in their business, here are 5 we found



5. RFID Solutions for Quickbooks

There are significant benefits for adopting RFID for businesses that use Quickbooks. Inventory accuracy is more than doubled when moving from manual methods. 



Interested in more info on how businesses use RFID to have an edge over the competition? See our case studies:

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