10 Startups Doing Amazing Things With RFID

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When it comes to RFID technology, there are a lot of brilliant uses behind it and the potential of this technology has yet to reach its’ peak. To prove this point even further, the following are ten products or companies that have utilized the technology of RFIDs to help streamline all or some aspects of their everyday business routine.


If you haven’t seen what GearEye is doing, then you’re going to want to check it out because it is easily one of the cooler ideas when it comes to RFID. This allows you to put RFID tags on all of your equipment that you might need to bring with you. All you need to do is download the app and hit the scan button and it will recognize which products you are missing and will alert you to add them before you leave. 



If you happen to be the type of person that has multiple different RFID key cards and key fobs and you constantly worry about losing them and not having the one that you need, then this is the product for you. This company created a technology that is able to keep up to four different RFID key cards and key fobs on one device so that you have easy access to all the cards you need while just carrying one device around. 


Nobody likes to stand in lines at stores. Depending on which store you are at, you can spend just as much time standing in line as you did looking for everything that you decided to buy. Luckily, Skip is trying to change the way you pay for your goods. They have decided to come up with a way so that when you go to a shop, you can grab what you want to grab and then leave. Everything is tagged with an RFID and it is registered when you leave the store so your card will be charged appropriately.



Pantry is definitely one of the coolest startups using RFID because it solves one of the most common problems that people have. When you go to choose something that you want to eat, it can be a pain to pay for your food and get it all in a quick and convenient fashion. With this technology, just swipe your credit card to open up the refrigerator, grab whatever it is that you want and leave. The machine uses RFID technology to notice what you took and charge your card appropriately.

U Grok It

This particular company is working to help provide organizations of all different sizes with the technology of RFID. They will help them use the power and plethora of benefits of RFID by providing them with an affordable reader and plenty of development tools that they will need. These solutions can give you the option to identify, locate, inventory and track all of your different assets that your company might have.


Essentially, this startup uses RFID to track how frequently a customer is going to visit a certain business and it can work to provide you with rewards via text messages to make sure that you understand the business appreciates your constant business at their store. This technology uses the building identification and access cards so that they can tell who is in their store at what times. This technology can be applied to stores, restaurants, conferences and hotels, so the limit is pretty endless.



If you’ve ever had to pay for the technology to track your race time then you know just how expensive it is to do so. When it comes to the startup, bibs, they have spent several years to try and find some of the most affordable technology and software in order to make it easier and cheaper. The company uses RFId technology in the bibs of runners to automatically track their running time at the finish line as well as with checkpoints across the race track.


This is one of the more unique technologies that you’re going to find when it comes to the world of RFID because the entire point of this particular technology is to connect the digital world with the physical world. In essence, it wants to find a way to connect physical social spaces with digital social spaces using RFID and NFC technology.

Collectors Proof

Using RFID technology, this particular product helps to tag and keep track of your entire collection of whatever it is you may collect. Each collectible is tagged with a unique code and then it can be scanned and read about. If you have cool stories behind each item in your collection, this is a great way to share that story.


Similar to the technology that Pantry uses, this particular startup is a similar concept in the fact that it is going to use RFID to work and once the door to the machine opens, you are going to be able to grab what you want and be charged for it automatically. This technology is really nice because even if you happen to move stuff around in the fridge, it will only charge you for what is missing from the fridge.


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