10 Sites that will Make You an Expert in RFID

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Improvements in technology is being made every day, and when it comes to the future, RFID’s are going to become more popular.

To stay ahead of the learning curve of RFID, you can brush up on some of the best sites available. Understanding what RFID is, and where you can find important information is helpful to those without a clue, and professionals that want to see where the technology is heading.

What is RFID?

An RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. It is a small electronic device that includes a chip and an antenna. They can transmit and carry data, and are more secure than bar codes. Everything with the chip has its own identification number, and must be scanned to get the information from the chip.

It is drastically changing the way we live, and some of the first things to get an RFID are credit cards, the ones you stick into the card. The little chip in the card is the RFID. 

10 Sites for RFID Information

http://www.rfidjournal.com – This website talks about the different accessories an RFID can be put into. You can find breaking news and featured products on this website. If you’re a professional, you want to know what is coming in the next few months.

http://www.impinj.com – IMPINJ is one of the leading providers of RAIN RFID services. They work in a vast environment, including retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and manufacturing. If you’re looking for a solution for your company’s RFID questions, they are the people you should speak to for your answers.

http://rfidinc.com – For those looking to manufacture supplies, RFID, Inc. is the place you want to turn to. They are an American company, and work with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. No matter what frequency you need, they have it. They have worked with NASA to bring the latest technology to outer space.

http://www.intermec.com/learning/technologies/rfid/reference_sites.aspx - If you have any questions regarding RFID, you can turn to this website to help answer any questions you may have. You can learn how RFID works, and get reference sites from this single website. It’s practical for amateurs and professionals who have tough questions to answer regarding RFID.

http://www.caenrfid.com – This website is ideal for those looking for a manufacturer of RFID’s and accessories. You can contact support, and check out what new products they’re featuring. If you’re in the technology business, it’s good to know where you can find a manufacturer that provides RFID’s.

http://www.spychips.com – It’s a good idea to follow the major news stories regarding RFID’s, and this is your one-stop shop for everything related to technology and tracking systems. You can learn about what future developments are happening, and what impact RFID’s will have on certain products.

http://www.technavio.com/blog/top-companies-retail-rfid-market - When you’re looking for a company that specializes in RFID technology, you can run a Google search. This website tells you the top companies that deal with RFID technology. You can use this website to see who the top manufacturers are, and compare them to one another.

http://www.inddist.com/news/2016/01/top-rfid-trends-2016 - If you’re interested in investing in RFID technology, you can visit this page to get some inside information. Though it is a bit dated, it does provide a scope for what the investing future looks like, and how much money the market is figured to pull in for 2016.

http://securitywing.com/top-10-rfid-security-concerns-threats - Knowing the threats and security concerns regarding RFID’s are important to understanding how they work. You can look at the top 10 security concerns and threats regarding RFID. This is excellent information to take in, especially for those looking to create a safer system.

http://www.epc-rfid.info/rfid - To get a good idea of what RFID is, and how the system works, this website gives you an overview of the technology. This is an excellent website for those just starting out, and want to have their questions answered before they decide to get their feet wet.


RFID is one of the leading technologies of the decade. RFID’s have become quite popular, and more companies are looking to see how they can change the game. For those looking to get into RFID, or have been working on it for years, there is a vast amount of information available to get you started. No matter how much you may know about RFID, it’s always good to see what information is available, and how it can change a company.

These websites should help you expand your knowledge, and give you a direction to where RFID is going. To make the most out of your company, you should follow the rabbit hole, and see where it leads. You can always make a difference, and using this information will help guide you in the right direction.

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