Honeywell CW45 Wearable Computer Review

The Honeywell CW45 wearable computer combines the efficiency of mobile computing into a compact, ergonomic form factor. It simplifies typical tasks, freeing users from the need to juggle handheld devices while managing goods. With hands-free operation, it reduces wasted motion and enhances productivity. We work closely with customers nationwide to provision, deploy, and manage these…

Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1960 Scanner

Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1960 Scanner Product Review

Implementing a dependable scanning solution is crucial for businesses to meet rising customer demands and expectations, ensuring sustained success. The Honeywell Xenon Ultra 1960 scanner has become indispensable, with tailored modules for distribution, light industrial, retail, and healthcare. The Benefits With two options available—the Xenon Ultra 1960 corded and 1962 cordless Bluetooth—this device is ready…

Honeywell CT47

Honeywell CT47 Product Review

The Honeywell CT47 is an ultra-rugged handheld mobile computer trusted to withstand the most challenging conditions, making it perfect for warehouses and transportation and logistics applications. It ensures seamless operations and workflows for a more productive workforce, and 5G connectivity supports workers in the field. We collaborate closely with customers to provision, roll out, and…

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Do You Need a UEM Partner?

Make the Most of Your Unified Endpoint Management Investment Unified endpoint management (UEM) is the latest wave of passive management solutions for busy or overstretched enterprise IT departments. Think mobile device management (MDM) on steroids. Rather than merely covering configuration, security, and management of all the mobile devices found within an organization’s array of IT…

Aegex 100M intrinsically safe tablet for hazardous locations

Hazardous Locations Tablets: How C1D1 Vs C1D2 Impacts Options

Manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, and pharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities are generally most at risk for exposure to flammable gasses and vapors. However, many industrial facilities have at least one or two zones within their work environment that could be classified as a hazardous location. For these zones, rugged or intrinsically safe tablets (hazardous locations…

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Patient Label Solutions Protect Critical Data and Improve Patient Safety

Without a structure or system in place, organizing and maintaining patient data can get complicated quickly. Working with an experienced label solutions provider for healthcare labeling needs, including lab labels, specimen collection labels, blood bag labels, pharmacy labels, and patient label systems helps medical providers streamline workflows. A complete labeling solution operates in concert with all departments…

Understanding Barcode Labeling Basics

Streamline Operations With Custom Barcode Labels From a Trusted Label Supplier

In most industries, custom barcode labels created for specific needs and requirements have become standard. Many businesses take their needs to specialists, who then create custom labels in a cost-effective way that takes the label’s environment and the application into consideration. Customized labels have a variety of benefits no matter what industry you work in, and…

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UEM, MDM, or EMM Services: Understand Your Mobile IT Needs

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, effective device management solutions are a cornerstone of success. There are several different device management solutions available. You may hear them referred to with a few other acronyms. Unified Endpoint Management, or UEM, is the most modern workflow for managing and securing devices in an enterprise network. It encompasses mobile,…

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How RFID is Helping Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Stay Competitive During the Holiday Rush

Effective inventory management techniques are paramount to success leading into busy holiday seasons. The average American shopper spends more than $1,000 yearly on holiday shopping. Don’t miss out on those sales due to out-of-stock items or discourage future sales with unsatisfactory customer experiences. Using mobile devices and RFID visibility solutions can help your teams do…