The Ultimate RFID vs Barcode Comparison Guide

Do you wonder which is a more effective technology for your business?

Making the decision to stick with barcodes or to invest in RFID is a crucial move. Make sure you are well informed. 

In this guide you will learn: 

  • The advantages of RFID over Barcodes
  • The advantages of RFID vs Barcode 
  • A side by side comparison of the features of each technology
  • Which technology is more usable according to studies (you might be surprised)
  • Case studies of organizations and businesses switching from barcodes to RFID and their expenditures and ROIs

This eBook will demonstrate the advantages and real world value of RFID in comparison to existing barcode infrastructure. RFID deployment can be costly and time-consuming, this eBook will provide a comparative analysis of the two technologies for businesses to decide what course of action is best suited for them.

There is no doubt that barcodes will remain a prominent auto-ID solution for the foreseeable future. However, in an increasingly competitive corporate environment, organizations are looking yield new levels of efficiency and attempt to gain, not only cost reductions but also a competitive edge and improve their market share – and many organizations are starting to do so with RFID.